Redspace: my life is wonderful

Radio Intense is happy to present you Redspace!

Redspace is a DJ/Producer from Russian. He is a frequent visitor to the Beatport Top 100 charts, released on top progressive house labels - Area Verde, Univack, MIR Music, Soundteller, Monkey League and many more.

In a short period of time has become very recognizable supported by leading world DJs such as: John Digweed, Korolova, Juan Pablo Torrez, Cosmic Gate, Andi Durrant, Artento Divini, Ruslan Radriges, and many more.

We talked to Redspace about his musical experience and new mutual release with Lluis Ribalta "Compound" that is out today on Pillar. Enjoy!
— Hello Stanislav. How are you doing? Thanks for talking with us.
— Good afternoon, Olly. My life is wonderful, I think the musicians will understand what I mean. Thank you for offering to chat, it's a great honor for me.
— Let us know more about your artistic background. When did you start your musical journey?
— My musical path began in 2008 with the creation of rap beats. As you know, life does not stand still, in 2015 I started writing uplifting trance, in 2016 big room, in 2019 progressive trance, and in 2020 I found my element - deep and progressive house, I hope I'm here for a long time :D
— How can you define "Redspace"?
— I used to be a fan of the work of Ilan Bluestone, and when I seriously thought about changing the style, I had to change my pseudonym. I couldn't think of anything smarter than reworking the nickname of my favorite artist at that time. I matched my favorite color with the first word I came across. The result is Redspace.
— What is the biggest achievement for you so far in the music industry?
— I think label ads are not allowed in this interview, but in short - I am proud of good deals with top labels in my style, this year is very rich for me in terms of serious releases. 1 of my goals was to get to the Area Verde, and I did it, for me it is very important.
— You are based in Russia. How would you describe the nightlife scene over there? Did it have its influence on you while growing up?
— In Russia there are serious parties where "the roof is blown off", unfortunately, the quality has slightly decreased due to the recent restrictions associated with Covid 19, but nevertheless there is where to relax. I come from Ryazan, here people do not know what progressive house is and therefore there is very little high-quality sound, but I plan to change this situation. My interest in club music arose thanks to parties with friends and one day I realized that I want to bring people emotions through this music.
— Your new release "Compound" us coming soon on Pillar label. There are two tracks on the release. What is the story behind them?
— I am very grateful to Pillar for the honor that they made the decision to release these tracks. There is no history as such, we just agreed with my good friend Lluis Ribalta from Spain what needs to be done, something for raves in clubs, so that it tickles people's brains. In my opinion, we have achieved this. I look forward to May 21 when the release will be released.
— Any additional news you would like to share?
— I would like to express my gratitude to you for the opportunity to tell a little about myself. We are doing one thing and I hope together we will achieve the development of the cultural space around us. I wish you good luck until we meet again.