Reblok: moving boundaries constantly

Today Radio Intense is happy to present you Reblok!

Goran Paradjina aka Reblok is born in Croatia (Split) and now residing in Serbia (Novi Sad). He is one of the most talented DJ/producers from balkan region spanning from tech house to electro house style recently.

He released on labels like Hot Creations, Repopulate Mars, Spinnin Deep, Elrow, Sola,Suara, Toolroom, Black Butter (Sony),Club Sweat, Higher Ground (Mad Decent), Remixed Sonny Fodera on Pete Tong's Three Six Zero Label (Sony),Oliver Heldens Heldeep,Solotoko by
Sonny Fodera,Realm by Gorgon City.
He toured Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic and many more.

We talked to the Balkan enthusiast about his music perspective, new release "Sex Demon" on RIM and future projects. Read it now!
— Hello Goran! How are you doing? Thanks for having time for Radio Intense.
— I'm fine thank you :) having a cool day..its around 25 degrees outside today..
— Please, tell us more about "Reblok". How did you start DJing and producing? Why did you choose "Reblok" as your music alias?
— Well at first i was into psy trance when I was around 17 yrs old and I wasn't really interested in djing or producing at all..When I stopped going out for a year when I was 20 I started learning my first daw.

At first it was all newbie stuff and around 2010 Reblok project has been started out of nowhere and I was into minimal techno at the moment..pretty dark stuff tbh..I released first album on italo business which was at that time one really strong techno label with awesome reach. Right after that LP album I started touring the world.
— You are based in Serbia. What can you tell about the electronic music scene over there?
— To be honest its not that good..80% of the people in music industry in Serbia don't really know how to do their job..all they do is copy paste lineups from someone have either that melodic stuff or hard techno and nothing in between which is crap tbh haha
— What is the craziest memory you have from the gigs?
— If I had a crazymeter in my pocket I'd definatelly measure all the stuff that happened to find out which one is the craziest but since I don't i can say this one guy in Colombia started climbing on my DJ pult in 2011 and fall on ended badly hahaha
— Ok then, let's go to your productions. Soon you have a release "Sex Demon" coming on RIM Label. The title seems intriguing. What can you tell about the release?
— Title was given by vocalist Nycto :) I like this tune a lot its really naughty as much as a track can be...lyrics are ambiguous to say the least haha.
I think thats one of the fastest tracks I've ever finished and also one of my top 5 favs.
— What are you currently focusing on while producing new tracks?
— It's always the same to be as much as I can different with my sound and to move boundaries constantly..cuz if yo are not expanding non stop you are stagnating which is really bad..exploring new sounds every time I sit behind the PC.
— Any other important projects/releases coming up in the nearest future?
— Yes On Sola, Solotoko and few more labels which are secret for now.