Raphael Mader: I love music that is melancholic, emotional and yet danceable

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest - Raphael Mader!

Having become a staple name in the MH&T scene in recent times, Raphael has just made a welcomed return to the UK imprint Renaissance Records with his latest EP titled 'The Blinding'. Enjoy!
Hello Raphael, how're you doing? Thanks for taking the time to chat with Radio Intense today!
— Hi guys! I am really good, thanks for asking. How about you? My pleasure, thanks for having me!
— You were born and raised in Germany. What can you tell us about the nightlife scene where you grew up and what influence has it had on you and your sound?
— I'm born and raised in Munich. It definitely does not have the same nightlife scene as Berlin for example. But it still has some very nice venues and events though. In my mid 20s I was on the road a lot and went to Techno clubs several times a week. Instead of dancing like the other guests I just stood there and tried to analyze the music obsessively - both the production itself as the transitions in mixing.
Let's talk about your early years. What was it that first inspired you to pursue music?
— My parents were both musicians in bands so I got in contact with music (and making music) very early. I was with them at rehearsals, small gigs and even video shoots - I just always loved it. Music was my greatest passion from a very early age and hasn't changed to this day.
Which artists or sounds have had the biggest impact on you?
— If I had to choose my top 3 acts it would be Moderat, Rüfüs Du Sol and Bicep. Even if these artists make music that isn't like mine (stylewise) they manage to convey emotions like no other to me. I love music that is melancholic, emotional and yet danceable - I love the play of contrasts in a track.
Your new release, 'The Blinding' EP, has just landed on the iconic UK imprint, Renaissance. Congrats on this release. What was the inspiration behind this one?
— The last two years have not been easy for any of us. Our heads were filled with tragic news and headlines. Even privately, the last time was not very easy for me due to personal events.

But even in bad times it is all the more important to perceive the beautiful things and to be thankful. I have a wonderful son who makes me feel the purest happiness every day. Since my music always reflects the emotions in my life, you can feel that in the record.
The release also includes a superb remix from Lopezhouse. What was it that brought you and Renaissance together with Lopezhouse?
— I've been following Lopezhouse for a while and I'm definitely a fan of their art. Renaissance is in good contact with the guys and brought them into play as possible remixers. We were sure that they would give an extra vibe to the EP, so we quickly agreed.
You previously appeared on Renaissance alongside Julian Wassermann under your joint MODEM alias. Can you tell us a bit about that project?
— Modem is a music project with my buddy Julian, which also deals with electronic music - but a bit more alternative than what you know from our solo projects. We already have a lot of tracks in the final phase, so there will be a lot to come. However, for now we are currently concentrating on our solo projects again.
Thanks for chatting with us today Raphael! To finish off, is there anything else coming up from yourself for us to look out for?
— Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to chat with you.

Well, there are a lot of projects I'm working on at the moment. A lot of solo stuff, two collaborations and two remixes I am working on. My schedule for the next few months is quite full of exciting releases and shows that I am looking forward to.