R.A.N: rave is where I belong

Today Radio Intense had a pleasure to talk to R.A.N!

R.A.N is a DJ/producer and event promoter from Ukraine. We talked to the electronic music enthusiast about his early years in the industry, his events SVET and LAUT in Ukraine and recent release "Bandit Queen" on IAMT.

— Hi R.A.N! How are you? Thank you for this interview.
— Hi Hi Hi! I am super good and working a lot. Happy to have this interview!
— Please, tell us more about yourself. How did you start your music career? Who were your early influences?
— Oh it's a long story....I began long time ago when I was studying at high school. Now I live in Kyiv but originally I am from a small town where I had started to DJ first. I was around 14 yo.

About the influences: Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, The Chemical Brothers and other DJs. I liked everything and was a truly music lover, but when I heard Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers, I understood that "rave" is where I belong.

Because of those guys I found out about raves in general. I started to search for the artists in the same style and popularized "rave" in my city.
— What does "R.A.N mean?
— This is the 5th name. It was a tough choice of the name after a long break because I started my own business and continue to develop it now. But a couple of years ago I came back to the electronic music scene because I cannot live without music. While running business I was writing music in my free time. All my friends said that I have to play live and they convinced me :) From the scratch I started my career again.

My very good friend - Key M helped me a lot and we founded a project SVET with our amazing and talented partners and DJs - Beat Inside! Now we launched new project LAUT, the headliners of the first edition was magnificent Amelie Lens and Farrago. We made a lot of noise in Kyiv and got a real positive feedback from the ravers.

Also, I was influenced a lot by my worldwide famous and talented friend - Spartaque. He introduced me to a variety of genres in electronic music. I think young generation of DJs has a lot to learn from him.

And finally, R.A.N is an abbreviation for my first, second and third names.

— I saw on your insta that you are constantly playing on different parties in Ukraine. What can you tell about the Ukrainian nightlife?
— Ukraine is developing a lot and many of my friends make everything possible to upgrade techno and melodic techno industry in the country. I believe in Ukraine and our youth. We have a lot of talented artists in the country - Spartaque, Key M just to name a few. I believe that Ukraine will be in TOP10 countries of electronic music in the nearest future and we will be heading huge festivals.
— How is everything going with the pandemic over there? As I see, Ukraine is currently developing a lot despite of the pandemic.
— The pandemic stopped the developing. Unfortunately, it is a big problem and I care a lot about people. I wish everyone to have a good health and for the pandemic to stop.

About Ukraine: The country entered the green zone, so we are having parties finally.
— Your new release "Bandit Queen" has been recently out on IAMT. What can you tell about the track?
—This track has magic and I wanted to do something similar for a long time. I hope it will reach the high positions in the charts. It took me a long time to create it as the eastern vocals have some complications when you work with them. I will release more tracks soon. Because of the pandemic I had enough time!
— What are you currently focusing on as an artist?
— I focus not only on music, with the team we are organizing events, in particular, we are taking organizational participation in "Atlas Weekend"Festival, we are supervising the electronic stage! We also organize SVET and LAUT parties with partners from Germany.

As I said earlier, during the pandemic, I created a lot of interesting material on Analog synthesizers, which I have already started to actively release on labels.