POPOF: I've got a lot of other projects going on and I'm super motivated

Today we had pleasure to talk with sensational POPOF!

With a hugely impressive catalogue of releases on the likes of Cocoon, Truesoul, Turbo Recordings and his very own FORM Music (to name a few), legendary French techno producer POPOF has the production credentials and career discograpy to rival the very best in the business.

Fresh off the back of his huge Insomnia EP which he released in September alongside fellow compatriot Space 92, the prolific Parisian producer now readies his next musical offering with the announcement of his epic two-part Revival EP.
Out now via Kneaded Pains, POPOF's Revival EP marks the Frenchman's inaugural foray on Dense & Pika's esteemed imprint, as he pulls out all the stops to deliver a memorable label debut. We caught up with him from his home in Paris to find out more.

Hello POPOF! How are you? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Hello! All is well here, thanks for asking. I can't wait to start the weekend!
Massive congratulations on your new two-part Revival EP on Kneaded Pains. Tell us more about this project?
— Thank you so much! Well, it all started when I stumbled upon really old rave-ish track parts I hadn't used. They'd been sitting there for ten years and I thought it would be really interesting to work with them and adjust them to reach a more contemporary flavor. It was really fun to reconstruct everything based on the old materials. I loved the challenge.
I read that you are preparing your 100th release on your label FORM Music. Congrats! How do you feel about it?
— Yes, I'm am so excited about this release and I've actually got some exclusive info for you regarding FORM100! So.... FYI my classic track "Serenity" is going to be remixed to celebrate its ten-year anniversary. I'm very happy about it, especially that the remixes are incredibly good! This EP is going to be full of surprises, and so original.
How do you think about where FORM is going? Do you set any specific goals for the label for the future?
— At FORM we have been focusing for some time on Techno-oriented releases and we've been trying to stick to this genre and image in order not to confuse our supporters and also not to take too many roads at once. There are few exceptions, such as specific EP projects which lean towards more melodic vibes, but altogether we've really been trying to follow a certain path.
Also, the label is working on increasing its number and size of events, while maintaining its very tight family-like spirit.
What about yourself? Do you have any goals or objective you would like to achieve in the nearest future as an artist?
— I'm currently working on remixes for Dubfire and NTO, in addition to an EP due to be released on Kompakt. I'd also like to start working on my second album when I have the time because my first one was released on Hot Creations a while ago in 2015. It's starting to feel like ages!
I've got a lot of other projects going on and I'm super motivated.
How about the scene in Paris right now? Any improvements on this matter in the current situation?
— Honestly everything has gone more or less back to normal in Paris. All the clubs have reopened, there have been events and festivals all summer! I think we can say that Parisians, and French people globally, have been very lucky and I'm really happy for them.
— Where can we see you DJ over the coming months?
— I've got a lot of upcoming gigs in France. Afterwards I'll go on tour to Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica.
Finally, do you have any other projects coming up soon that you'd like to share with us?
— Absolutely. In three weeks my new EP is going to be released on Desert Hearts ! It's an American label I really appreciate. I'm also working on FORM101 due for release in 2022.