Peter Fern & Siasia: we are heading in the right direction

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guests - Peter Fern & Siasia!

We talked to the techno enthusiasts about their new joint release "Kronos" coming soon on Codex and other projects.
Hello Lukasz and Piotr! Thank you both for talking with us. How are you doing these days? Where are you now?
— Siasia & Peter Fern: Hey! Thank you for the invitation. Sadly, it's a very difficult time for all of us, but we're trying to be optimistic and hope that all the bad things that are happening in the world right now will end soon. We are currently in our hometowns in Poland (Katowice and Stargard).
We are happy to be chatting with you around your new release "Kronos" coming on Codex. Congratulation on the EP! What can you tell us about this release?
— Siasia & Peter Fern: Thank you! We are very happy that we are releasing our new material on a Ukrainian label which is backed by such a respected figure as Spartaque. It means a lot to us and makes us believe that we are heading in the right direction. As for the 'Kronos EP', the two tracks were produced in the first half of 2021 during our three sessions. We prefer working 'face to face' rather than online, because we get along much better then and the cities, we live in are almost 600 km apart.
How would you describe the tracks from the release?
— Siasia & Peter Fern: Dark, intriguing, dynamic techno - that's how you could describe the first track entitled 'Hyperion', which seems to drive you to action or to dance - depending on whether you listen to it on Spotify or in a club. The second track called 'Kronos' has a typically hypnotizing, absorbing, dense atmosphere of an underground place, where people give vent to their subconscious emotions.
Is it your first collaboration together?
— Siasia & Peter Fern: No. We've known each other for about 20 years now, but we've been active as a producer duo for over 3 years. Our first EP together was released in 2019 on Dolma Records. Followed by such great labels as Planet Rhythm and Naked Lunch. You can of course find our tracks on our own labels: Dirty Stuff Records and Dual Force Records.
— What other projects are you currently working on?
— Siasia: I'm mainly focusing on my own DJ courses at Electronic DJ School. This takes up the most of my time now, as there is a great interest. The project was created at the end of 2018 and at first, I was organising away training camp once a year. Due to pandemic, I started working locally and have been successfully running regular classes for over a year now. I was reluctant to take this step for a long time, but finally it got to me that it is the perfect time to start sharing with others what I can do best in life and what I have learned over the last 25 years as a DJ. It's fun and makes me proud to see that my commitment and effort does not go to waste.

— Peter Fern: I'm currently working on mixing and mastering in my studio "Ready To Release - Mastering Studio". My job is to make people who are just entering this level aware that mix/mastering can get the world-class sound quality effect when the sound design is at the right level. It's all about the sound selection, composition, balance, etc. I also work with people who are experienced enough so that we can focus on mastering to achieve the technical and sound level of the best current producers in the world. My clients who used the mixing/mastering service have already released on such labels as: Stil Vor Talent, Natura Viva Black, Pursuit, Renesanz, Phobic, Unity Records, Planet Rhythm, Trau-Ma and many others.
What do you like to do in your free time?
— Siasia: Some time ago I fell in love with the mountains. I spend every free weekend trekking/hiking, and mountaineering. For me, apart from climbing more and more difficult peaks, it's about overcoming my own barriers, pushing the limits of my body and mind. High up, all the mundane problems don't matter anymore.

— Peter Fern: Training the body (gym and outdoors activities) and mind. I am currently inspired by the work of Carl Jung, David R. Hawkins as well as mindfulness and zen practises.
How does your touring schedule look like these days?
— Siasia: The second half of last year was intense for me in terms of DJing. When the clubs in Poland reopened at the end of May 2021, I had gigs almost every Friday and Saturday, sometimes even in the middle of the week if there was a national holiday. With DJ courses, trips to the mountains and other activities on top, in the long run the body is hit hard. That's why at the beginning of this year I decided to take a break from playing and concentrate on other things equally important to me. It was a much-needed break to be able to return to regular playing at full speed with new energy. I am ready!

— Peter Fern: Picture this: I am heading to a party with my new tracks, promo tracks from different labels and my older productions, which are still something new to the public as I am not recognised worldwide yet (laughs). I play the records and the crowd goes wild. It's like people are experiencing something new. It's insane, it's like their emotions are expressed through dancing, releasing all the accumulated stress. You can hear and see the energy, the euphoria and joy. This is how my bookings look like lately... I sit at the studio with one thing in mind: delivering such a banger that the above experience takes place on the dance floor at least once a month.