Ost & Kjex: we are two fading beauties with a knack for singing and dancing

Norwegian duo Ost & Kjex made a much-anticipated return to Snick Snack Music in June. Run by themselves and long-term friends Trulz & Robin, the label welcomed Songs from the end of the world: a nine-track LP aiming straight for the dance floor, inspired by the sounds of their youth. Featuring guest vocals by their long standing collaborators Viviana Vega aka Whalesharkattacks and
Tracee Meyn. It acts as their first album together since 2015, marking another milestone event for the pairing.

We talked to Ost & Kjex about the new album and other projects. Find out more below.
Hi guys! I hope you're good? What is going on in your world at the moment?
— Hey! Doing very fine at the moment. Just started our summer holiday so lot's of family action, swimming and music making on the agenda.
For our readers who may not yet be familiar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your sound?
— What can I say, we are two fading beauties soon to hit the big 50. Two post midlife crisis house producers from Oslo / Norway, with a knack for singing and dancing, who have been playing together since their teens. Ost & Kjex has been running since about the year 2000, so that's over 20 years now for this project. Before we started Ost & Kjex we played in a regular band.
You have a new album out titled 'Songs from the end of the world' on your Snick Snack label. Can you explain the idea behind it? How did it come together?
— It was seven years since we last released an album, so we thought it was about time. The title reflects many things. One being the "End time" feeling one gets from living in this period with the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine going on. Another being Norway's physical location, on the outskirts of Europe and the world.
The album features a lot of different vocalists. Are you able to explain how these collaborations came together?
— Yes, we brought in our beloved friends Viviana Vega aka Whalesharkattacks and Tracee Meyn. We have been working with these ladies for quite some time. With Tracee ever since she helped us out on our "Cajun Lunch" album, back in 2010. They are very different. Viviana is in a universe of her own, combining elements of goth, r'n b, pop and hip hop into something entirely her own. Tracee is a skilled soul, gospel and funk singer who grew up in LA. She moved to Norway when she found love with her husband Knut and now teaches singing at the university of Oslo and leads her own gospel choir.
Who are your biggest musical influences and why?
— On the Ost & Kjex project I would say one of our most enduring influences is Prince. Also classic electronic duo's like Yello, Suicide, Soft Cell, DAF and more recently the French duo Noze have influenced us a lot. On a more general level I would say we are influenced by 90's Dance music like Robin S or even Snap, NYC garage, minimal house from Germany from the early 2000's. The Playhouse label was a big thing for us. Also Matthew Herbert is a favourite we both share.
Do either of you have any hobbies outside of music?
— Kjex loves biking and I'm an avid commix collector.
It's been a pleasure talking to you today! Any extra news you would like to share?
— Likewise! Yes, please look out for coming releases on our Snick Snack label. We got lots of cool stuff coming out this autumn / winter, especially some albums by our label partners Trulz & Robin, some cool remixes from our album and more. Wishing everyone a great summer vacation!!