Oscar Escapa: electronic music is a part of me

We are glad to present to you our next guest - Oscar Escapa!

Oscar Escapa started his career as producer in 2012. Getting through hard work and dedication he has released on many of the most important labels nowadays such as Terminal M, Kraftek, Analytic Trail, Codex, Legend, Odd Recordings, Transmit, Bitten and Pornographic Recordings to name a few including his own imprint called Mazzinga Records where he is able to deliver his own and unique essence.

On the DJ side Oscar has performed at very important European events like Terror Sound - Florida 135, Stick Recordings Showcase - Off Sonar Barcelona, Addeepted Showcase - ADE Amsterdam, Kafka Club Lisbon, We Play Event Hall Sofia, and his Mazzinga Records Showcases in Barcelona (Spain) and many more.

Oscar Escapa is currently based in Barcelona (Spain) working and keeping the ideas flowing by producing TOP tunes that make him get respected and recognised by artists and fans in and out of Spain.
Hello Oscar! How are you doing these days?
— Very well!! A pleasure to be here with you on Radio Intense.
Please, tell us more about yourself. When did you start your music career? How did you get involved into electronic music scene?
— I started playing in 1998 in multiple styles makina, progressive, techno and house music but it was a hobby, in 2012 I started producing and in 2014 I decided to become a professional, since then very happy to have achieved many of the goals and dreams set, such as for example edit in the best labels, let top artists play your music like Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer……

For me, electronic music is part of me, it is my passion and that passion was there before it became the super business that it is today.

Being able to produce my own music was what made me want to dedicate myself professionally and stop being a Hobby.
— Which artists have influenced your creative development?
— My bigger influences were Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Enrico Sangiuliano, Cristian Varela and many others.
In the end of the month, you have a new release called "Morse" coming up on Codex. What can you tell us about this release?
— Morse is what my music is in techno, maybe the two styles with which I most identify Techno with a lot of groove and melodic techno but with fast BPM.
— There are 2 tracks on the EP – "Morse" and "Seiya". How would you describe them? How are they different from each other?
— Morse is more Techno with a great groove and a dark melodic touch based on the typical sound of Moog and Seiya is fast melodic techno of Bpm but with an epic break with arpeggios, pads and melody. I am very happy with the result!!!
You are based in Barcelona, and we are too. We love this city and nightlife here. How about you? Do you have your favorite places to visit or to play?
— For any DJ who likes techno there are several excellent places to visit such as Moog (a classic of the city), The Bass Valley that has a great sound equipment and of course the club that I would like to play one day such as Input.
Let's jump to your music production skills. Can you share some tricks of yours which you use while producing?
— For example, something very important and that helps a lot is to first get a great idea and make it sound excellent for it I create a 32 bar loop with the main elements of the track and I equalize, process and mix them until it sounds the best possible I even try with a premaster to see if it reaches the industry standard levels.

Once you get that, and the rest of the elements that you add you will hardly have to modify the mix and you can pass it to the arrangement view and everything will sound excellent and you will have to tweak the mix very little.
— Finally, do you have any other upcoming projects forth to mention? Thank you for talking to us today!
— Right now I am working on many other eps for different labels and of course to edit on my Mazzinga Records label and I am also a music production teacher so I have work :)

Nice talking to you, see you soon and I hope "Morse" works very well.