Optimuss:I immediately started making music for the European market

Optimums is a Russian producer and DJ, whose tracks are loved by many titans of the techno scene: Adam Bayer, Coyu, Richie Hawtin, Amelie Lens, Pan-Pot, Noir, Carl Cox, Christian Smith, Dubfire, Charlotte De Witte, Chris Liebing, Umek and many others.

Optimuss devotes all his free time to the production of new music, each time experimenting with something new. In a short time he signed contracts with the most influential and biggest labels in the world of techno music and his performance is always a bright event of the evening. He builds his set so that people squeeze the last juices.

Radio Intense talked to Optimums about his experience, new release on Codex with Dino Maggiorana «Systematic Approach» and upcoming projects. Read it now below!
— Hi Aleksandr! How are you doing? Thanks for being here with us today.
— Hi Olly and nice to meet you, I am glad to be part of IAMT Music Group.
— Let's get to know each other. Who is Optimuss: artistically and individually?
— Most likely Optimuss is a Techno artist in this project, both the DJ part and the production of his own music are included.
— What differs you from other techno DJs and Producers in Russia?
— Probably the fact that I immediately started making music for the European market and did not plan to promote it in Russia.
— By the way, how is the Russian scene doing right now? I've heard you guys have events there. Well, at least more events than in Europe.
— In fact, the main events take place only in Moscow and St. Petersburg in other cities, it is most likely similar to underground raves for 200-300 people.
— Tell us more about your release with Dino Maggiorana on Codex «Systematic Approach». What are the tracks about? How did you produce them?
— The story is this: since me and Dino make powerful and bright parts of synthesizers and massive parts of beats, our styles are very similar and I once suggested that he do a joint collaboration, as a result, we made two tracks together and threw them on the back burner since both were very busy producing ... I was cleaning my poppy this year and found these tracks. I sent them to the Dino and said bro we have two collaborations what are we going to do with them. He was surprised that he had forgotten about them and asked to send them to him so that he could listen to them again. His answer was the same bomb, we have to release it and we decided to send them to Codex without hesitation.
— How did you start working with Dino Maggiorana? Is it your first collaboration between each other?
— We knew each other before and supported each other's creativity once before I did a remix for Dino.
— Finally, how is your 2021 going? Do you have any other upcoming projects?
— Yes, this year starts very well for me, I have upcoming EPs on Codex, OFF Recordings, Prospect and other labels, the schedule is scheduled until June 2021, but the biggest and most important release for me is the release of my album in early February, it will be an experiment in sounding I plan on moving into a darker and more industrial sound.