ODYSSAY: big things start with small steps

Today we are welcoming another talented artist - ODYSSAY. Maksym is a singer, songwriter and music producer. He mixes music and vocal lines in a unique style. Radio Intense talked to ODYSSAY about his new project, joint release "Moonlight" together with Indifferent Guy on Area Verde and future goals.
Hello Max! It is nice to talk to you today. How is everything going?
— Thank you, it's a pleasure to talk to you too. We released the first EP together with Indifferent Guy. Our tracks are well listened all around the world. We get a true and positive feedback. Everything is good!
We are curious to get to know you. What is a story of "ODYSSAY" project?
— It is the prototype of the Odyssey traveler in today's world. I am talking about freedom. Every person is looking for freedom inside. This project is my freedom. Here I travel through different feelings, memories and dreams. Here I talk about relationship, meetings and break-ups. In every track you can find yourself, the main thing is to look for yourself.
— How was your summer? What are you thoughts about the industry considering the post-lockdown life?
— My summer was very hot. It was our start. Reborn EP was released in August. In June and July we were preparing the launching. It was my first release and I wanted to do everything well. After preparing the release, we continued to make the new material. We wanted the tracks to come out regularly.

The industry is going through a difficult time. We have chosen an interesting time to start the project. I think that now we need to get closer to the audience. After the quarantine, we will see each other again.
On the 16th of October you have a release "Moonlight" coming up on Area Verde. Please, share the story about the track. What was your inspiration?
— Thank you for the question. The track is truly unique. It is a story about feelings and inner pain in a stylish progressive sound. When you don't want to continue relationship that brings suffering. This is a story about one person fading for another. The analogy with moonlight has been specially selected. Night is a time when we can be alone and our satellite is moonlight. Imagine that moonlight goes out, what then remains?
The release as well as the first one is created together with Indifferent Guy. How did you guys know each other and why decided to collaborate?
— We have known each other a very long time. I think that each of us was not ready for such a project. I was involved in anothermusic, event organization. Indifferent Guy was involved in ghost production and his music. One night I recorded a Run away demo and sent it to him. I thought he would record a girl and release a track, but he suggested that I record it and work together. This is where the whole story starts. After Run away we recorded Reborn and now Moonlight will be released. On the way I took the name ODYSSAY, and now the work is going on. Big things start with small steps.

We are different people, but we look in the same direction.
Which goals do you still have for the rest of 2020?
— We would like to start performing. Art directors are already interested in live performances. We are preparing the performance program and new tracks. I hope this year you will hear another of our tracks "Before You go". This is a very sensitive work and I am sure you will enjoy it.