Neidex: music has the power to amplify our emotions

We are happy to present to you our next guest - Neidex!

Next up on Edinburgh imprint Fresh Take is the insanely talented Neidex with Toasted Thursdays - two cuts of fiercely individual, electro-tinged house music ripe for hazy days and heady nights.
Established in 2019, over the past few years Fresh Take Records has built an impressive catalogue of releases that champion sounds ranging from groove-led, organic house to thumping club-ready electro and soaring, broken-beat rave anthems. Though the tones may shift – sometimes wildly - from one release to the next, the quality of their output never wavers, establishing Fresh Take as one of the most reliable underground dance labels in the UK.
— Hey great to speak to you today! How are you doing and where are you talking to us from?
— Hey! I'm doing great thanks, currently in Paris for the weekend but usually based in London.
— Who have been your musical influences and idols over the years?
— It really varies as I go through phases. As a kid I would listen to everything from classical music to hip hop or disco, however there's a handful of artists that I'd say influenced me the most over the years. KC & The Sunshine Band, Kerri Chandler, MCDE, The Rolling Stones… I'm actually going to see the Stones this summer and am incredibly excited!
For you, what is the main draw of a career as a musician?
— I think there is no better feeling than the idea of people dancing or vibing to your music. That it exactly why I started to release my tracks, it is incredibly fulfilling. Getting a crowd going during gigs is an insane feeling as well.
On the flipside, what do you find most challenging about the work you do?
— It's an incredibly fast paced environment, I'm constantly busy and it's very hard to get a breather. This is due to the fact that I'm on the organisational side of events as well.
— Your new EP lands on Fresh Take - what can you tell us about the creative process of this one?
— I actually started working on this EP almost 2 years ago, first producing the track Double R. I never knew if I'd release it, however it worked every time I would play it live. Whenever I would play it to some close friends of mine, they'd encourage me to release it. This is why I decided to produce a second track (Talk) that would work well in combination with Double R.
Music can tap into emotions far beyond the reach of everyday life: discuss...
— I'd say that music has the power to amplify our emotions. It's a very particular feeling to "connect" with a song, which can basically boost the way we feel in a certain moment, may that be in a positive or negative way.
— What are your passions outside of music, and do you think these things inform your musical direction in any way?
— I absolutely adore travelling and discovering new places. I just got back from Peru, where one night I listened to a live performance of a Peruvian pan flute band. This gave me some inspiration for future song productions which I'm incredibly excited to work on. Other than that I'm a massive cereal fan and collect cereal boxes. No idea how this contributes to me musically though.
What else can we expect from you for the rest of the year?
— A lot of upcoming events! I'm incredibly excited about Access The Festival 2022 which I'm hosting in June. The lineup is banging and there is no weekend I'm looking forward to more than this one!