Nas Dvoe: we want to keep music alive

Today Radio Intense is presenting you Nas Dvoe.

Nas Dvoe is an emerging female DJ/Producer duo coming from Russia, based in Barcelona, Spain. Their passion for electronic music is unlimited and their choice of tracks is full of energy with the right dose of female touch.

We talked to young tech house enthusiasts about their experience, life in Barcelona, new release "Alive" on RIM and future plans. Find out more below!
— Hello girls. How are you? Where are you currently?
— Hi. It's all good. We are in Moscow right now where bars and clubs are open so we are enjoying our time playing and partying here but waiting to come back to warm and sunny Barcelona.
How did you become interested in electronic music?
— We came to the world of electronic music in a quite typical way - by being clubbers. We were just partying and raving a lot in clubs and festivals, so one day realized that we want to be behind the decks and after some time we decided that it is time to produce tracks.
You are based in Barcelona. What can you tell about the night life there?
— Well, before covid night life in Barcelona was great. Every night you could find something for your taste. We can distinguish such events as Brunch-In, Primavera Sound and Off Sonar. And of course, our favorite club in Barcelona is Input. Barcelona is a city that breathes with parties. We hope parties will come back soon otherwise it is very sad.
What is the story behind your artistic project and what does "Nas Dvoe" mean?
— Speaking about our project, we got to know each other at uni and felt that special connection of creative minds. We also both like tech house so we thought why not to give it a try! We are still learning a lot and developing our skills but we believe that together we can achieve great things.

Nas Dvoe literally means "two of us" in Russian. Both of us were born in Russia but we live abroad, so we like to use our connection with the motherland in some different ways.
Your release "Alive" will be out soon on RIM. What can you tell about it?
— We are very excited about this release! First of all, it's our first official release and we are happy to join RIM and IAMT Music Group family. The track has vocals "keep music alive" and this is our message for now - we want to keep music alive.
— What are your plans for 2021?
— We are focusing on producing more tracks and developing our artistic profile. We are fresh in the industry so we have a lot to experience. We also hope to see each other on the dance-floor because we know that parties continue to happen, just not in Europe.
Is there something you would like to add?
— We want to thank IAMT Music Group for the opportunity. And stay healthy everyone!