Namito: I would describe my style as the acoustic crystallisation of my being

Namito is an Iranian artist currently living in Berlin who is internationally respected for his uplifting style of melodic house that blends enchanting melodies and deep atmospherics with flowing percussion.

His style also incorporates organic house and his music can be found on labels such as Bedrock, Bar 25, Katermukke, Global Underground and Embassy One.

He also has close ties to the Sol Selectas record label that is putting out his new organic house release titled 'Legend', and we invited Namito for this interview so we can learn more about his new release.
Hi Namito, it's great to be talking with you, can you start by talking us through your style of music?
— It took me two decades to find the style of music I make today, and there was a lot of experimentation along the way. Looking back, though, there has always been traces of it. Today, I would describe my style as the acoustic crystallisation of my being. The fundament is classic house music, but the soul comes from my birthplace in Iran. It genuinely reflects who I am, and I think that's why people can relate to it. Especially Iranian folks who feel a certain pride when they hear my music, and I am extremely grateful for that.
You have Iranian heritage, and I wanted to ask how this has influenced the music you produce?
— Most of the emotional elements of my music are based on vocals and melodies that come from old Iranian songs that are pre-revolution. From my very first record back in 1996 until today, I always try to embrace both my cultures, as I also have German heritage.
One of your most popular tracks is called "Stone Flower" and it would be great to learn more about its concept, and how it's impacted your career?
— It has a very sad story behind it, as in 2017 my brother-in-law Saeid died of cancer, and on the day, we buried him and my sisters started to sing for the family. They sang the old Persian song "Gol e Sangam" by the marvellous Hayedeh. I got goosebumps, and took them to the room next door where I asked them to sing it again so I can record it with my iPhone. For some reason, they didn't slap me in the face, and agreed to my odd request. The vocals on Stone Flower are what I recorded on that day. It took me one and half years to make the final version, and the impact of the track on my career has been mind-blowing. It has become an all-time classic for the organic house genre.
Stone Flower was released via Sabo's record label Sol Selectas, and I wanted to ask how you first made contact with the label, plus how many times you have worked with them?
— I can't remember the exact platform, but first wrote to Sabo on either Facebook or Instagram. At first, I noticed that Sabo saw the message but never replied, which I wasn't upset about, because at that time we didn't know each other. I knew his label was very popular, and everybody wanted to get on it, but I hoped that he would take a listen.

A few weeks later I asked Sabo's wife Helia if she could help me find a remixer. I knew her from spending time in LA, and she replied asking if I would release it on Sol Selectas, as she also helps Sabo run the label.

At that point, I was planning to release the track myself, and just wanted some help contacting a few people he knew, but Sol Selectas was still my preferred option.

It became Beatport's bestselling electronica track of 2019 and millions of people listened to it worldwide. So, from that point the rest is history, and I've continued to work with the label ever since.
Your next release is on Sol Selectas, and it would be great to learn more about the original track, 'Legend'?
— It is a collaboration with my friend Tannaz Abbassioun from London. She sings the Persian version of an old Russian song by Boris Fomin with so much grace that I knew I wanted to make a track with it. The Persian version is called "Those Were the Days" and it's a very old track that was first released 1969, which is two years before I was born! The outcome of me producing a track with her vocal is something that we are both really happy with, and every time I've played it, the dance floor has gone wild!
Legend also includes a celebrative remix by Shan Nash and Rebeat, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on their version?
— I am a fan of Rebeat and Shan Nash, as they are two dear friends of mine from Iran. They are both talented producers and I had no doubt they would deliver the perfect remix. It's a great remix that's been made specifically for the dance floor, and I really love it!
What other new releases do you have in the pipeline, and are there any forthcoming gigs you are excited about?
I have a ton of new tracks and remixes lined up, but for me the most exciting project is my art/music collaboration with the Australian-Iranian artist Armei. Not only do me and Armei have a lot of new tracks and sound / art ready, we are also working on a very special events series that we plan to take around the world. The event is more art based and interactive, so not just a standard DJ or live gig. We both love art to the max, and I adore her art, as she has a lot of outside-the-box ideas when we sit together in the studio.
Thanks for doing this interview, is there anything else you would like to add or mention before we finish?
— Yes, I hope that Iran will free itself from the grip of the extremist mullah regime, and finally get the freedom its people deserve!