Murat Ugurlu: Here I am producing Techno

Radio Intense is welcoming Ankara based producer and DJ Murat Ugurlu. We talked with the Turkish techno star about the beginning of his career, upcoming EP "Spectrum" on IAMT ad future perspectives.
Hi Murat. First of all, thank you for your time! How is your summer?
— Hello, first of all, thank you guys having me I really appreciate it. I spend summer mostly at my place. Which was actually a lot more in my studio then anywhere else because I dedicated myself to some new projects.
We definitely want to know more about you. What has shaped you as an artist?
— My ambition to music started when i was a little kid. However, I have been djing since 2011, and producing since 2014. I have spent my every single day in the last 2 years in my studio. In short i owe my career to working hard and long hours, and working in studio makes me happy.
How did you get interested in electronic music and especially techno?
— Well at first, I heard "Around the World" from Daft Punk when i was 8 years old, and that lured me into electronic music. After all, I often started to listen more trance, progressive, and house music. I produced progressive house tracks for a long time, then I realized that I love hard tracks more than progressive genre, and here I am producing Techno.
We have heard so much about Turkish nightlife and striving to know more. What are the highlights of the scene over there?
— In the last a few years the electronic music became really popular, and there are actually many talented djs&producers. During each season there are many events have happened with that many good Turkish and international djs come to places like Zorlu PSM,RX Istanbul,Ankara Kite, Pixel, and Own is some of many.
You live in Ankara. What is your favorite club or place in the city? What makes it special?
— In Ankara Turkey there are 3 clubs that play electronic music, and those ones are Kite, Pixel, and Own.Hard to say which one is my favorite i love to play each them all…
Your new EP "Spectrum" coming soon on IAMT. Tell us more about this release.
— To be honest I am super excited about the EP. I happened to play "Spectrum" at Projekt Beirut it was before the quarantine here. In the dance floor I had many positive comments for the track. Which made me feel terrific. As last, Spartaque has played the track, and from what i have seen in the videos the crowd seemed to like it.
What was your inspiration for the release? What message did you want to transmit?
— It was an EP where acid sounds were dominant and it was the first element acid line that I produced for both tracks. Acid lines excited me very much, I completed the project feeling that those who will listen will also be excited
What can we expect from Murat Ugurlu the upcoming months?
— I will have 3 different collaboration eps in the next months. One will be with my Hungarian duo friends Twins Project, the other is Martin Karma from Finland and the last one with my friend Mehmet Ozbek from Istanbul.