Mr. Flick: more than a music project

Radio Intense is very happy to welcome our today's guest - Mr. Flick!

Mr. Flick is a techno producer/DJ based in the USA. His sound can be described as dark, hard, raw, and industrial.

We talked to the American talent about his musical journey, new release "Media Saturation" on IAMT and upcoming projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Adam! How are you doing? Thanks for answering these questions.
— No doubt! Thanks for having me.
— Can you please tell us more about "Mr. Flick"? What is a story behind artistic project "Mr. Flick"?
— Mr. Flick represents a complete re-boot for me creatively and personally. My real name is Adam Flick, so that's where the name comes from. The sound is dark, hard, raw, and industrial. After producing a few different genres over the years I started to make techno tracks and quickly realized that it was a good fit for me. I was always pulling inspiration from techno so it was a natural progression in many ways. This all happened at a time in my life where I almost gave up on music as a serious pursuit. I have another career as a live audio engineer and system tech. I set up, fly, tune, and mix bands on large sound systems for concerts and other events. For a period I felt music was holding me back from that career so I put it on the back burner. However, the musical itch would not go away and once I started to dive head first into techno, I started getting real with myself about how hard I had actually pushed to make my music dream a reality. I started to analyze my past habits and actions. I got really honest about all the things that I was allowing to hold me back, and almost all of them were self-inflicted limitations. I have since been making steps to change all those things and here we are! Mr. Flick is much more than a music project to me. It represents moving into a positive, independent ethos. And through this project I plan to encourage other artists to leave behind self-sabotaging mind-sets and processes. Also to support one and other; to build each other up, and to join together in order to make this techno scene even stronger!
— You are from the United States. How is the scene doing over there? I saw you guys already having festivals back.
— Yes, most of the states are opened up now. In the north-east we are having full capacity events without masks or social distancing (as long as you are vaccinated). It's still a little slow since a lot of parties and shows weren't being planned for a year. Now people are scrambling to get things moving. Some of the large festivals will be happening this fall, but many will still need more time. It's really good to see though. It was a tough year and a half!! As far as the techno scene I feel like it's growing. This is the birthplace of techno, so there is definitely an affinity towards it within the club culture. We are starting to see more warehouse styled techno parties popping up in LA, NYC, and other cities. There is a new crop of up and coming producers (myself included) who are starting to push the sound forward. I really want to be a part of helping to build and shape a proper US scene that represents this newer generation of artists and fans.`
— Your new release "Media Saturation" will be soon out on IAMT. How can you describe the track?
— Yes! Media Saturation is a dark rolling banger. The main lead is a warm moving reese line that surrounds a thumping kick and frantic high hats. It's actually a pretty simple track when it comes down to it. The idea behind the song is that in our current times we are over saturated with all types of media content. In music specifically, new styles will get exposed and over analyzed before they have a chance to grow into their full potential. So the track is meant to be a reflection on that.
— In May you had a release on IAMT Raw. What do you like about working with IAMT?
— It's been really good working with IAMT. The communication is great, and they get you all the promo materials to use. It has really felt like a unified effort. Everyone on the team is pushing to make each release a success. I was excited to be a part of the raw series from early on. I am more drawn to the raw side of techno, so I like what they are doing with the series. Big thanks to Spartaque, he gave me a lot of advice which really helped me zone in on the things I still need to work on for my career.
— Any forthcoming project you'd like to mention?
— I have an upcoming EP coming out on De-Konstrukt NYC which I am very excited about. I'm going to continue to release my monthly mix series: 'Radio Techno' which you can find on Soundcloud and YouTube. I have lots of tracks in the works that I will be shopping around to labels as well. Other than that I'm really looking forward to getting more DJ bookings for this project. Now that things are opening up I want to focus on building those gigs up... So if anyone wants to book me, hit me up, especially if you are in the US!