M.I.T.A: I make music for fun and just follow the flow

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest - M.I.T.A.

Mattia Borriello aka M.I.T.A. has been releasing high quality techno for nearly 15 years. He's released on highly revered labels in the scene such as EI8HT, Kneaded Pain, and Elevate, and he can count on artists such as Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Adam Beyer, Slam, Pan Pot, Gregor Tresher, Nicole Moudaber, Amelie Lens, Alan Fitzpatrick, and many others as regular supporters of his music.

We talked to the Italian talent about his new 'Never Mind Have Fun' EP coming on Marco Faraone's imprint UNCAGE and his experience in the industry. Enjoy!
— Hello Mattia! How is everything going?
— Such a great feeling to have a chat with you! I'm doing good and I'm happy that pandemic is reverting. We're starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel :)
— We are happy to be chatting with you around your new release "Never Mind Have Fun" coming on UNCAGE. What can you tell us about the EP? How can you describe the tracks from the release?
— First of all, I want to thank Marco Faraone for believing in my music so much to give me the occasion to release on such a strong label. We're both from Italy and it is known that Italians have great tastes (ahah)

The EP is composed of two super groovy tracks, "Never Mind Have Fun" and "Saturday Night Cleaver" which are kinda experimental, because I tried to mix 70's-80's disco samples with straight groovy techno. The result is something that made me smile all the time and ensures ass-movement. I make music for fun and just follow the flow. That's the most important aspect which I never underestimate!
What is a special ingredient of this EP?
— Of course, groove is the key for me. I'm not a lot into static tracks with super huge compressed kick drums. I'm more on the hats-shakers combo to make people enjoy their time with a big smile on their face!
— What other projects are you currently working on?
— Actually, I'm finally working on new tracks because I had a massive 2-years stop due to pandemic. I can't deny I felt awful once I knew that our music was slowly collapsing together with clubs shutdown. In my opinion, we're not machines and music is 80% feelings 20% knowledge. I'm already planning some new releases, but I must keep the secret for a while.
— We would love to hear more about your early years in the industry. How did you become a DJ? Was techno your first choice from all the genres?
— Well, I started exactly 16 years ago with a pair of Gemini CDJ-10! Back in the days, it was super funny to play some music at my friends' parties and birthdays.

To be honest I started playing Electro-House, then I switched to Minimal and at the end I felt in love with Techno.
— What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
— Being an artist creates a strong bond between you and the listener, having the chance to influence mood and feelings.

It's such an honor to leave a "piece" of you inside somebody else's mind. Everyone has its own meaning for "being an artist" but it's sad the scene is quickly evolving and most of the techno tracks sound the same just because artists NEED to release on THAT big label. I always compare music with cooking.

Would you work in a top-notch restaurant as a dish washer without expressing your creativity and talent, just following others' rules? Or would you cook in your house, for a few beloved people, without being paid but sharing unique moments and being purely yourself?