Miguel Bastida: dedication and perseverance are essential

Radio Intense is ready to present you our today's guest - Spanish talent Miguel Bastida!

Nowadays Miguel has become one of the most in-demand Spanish artists worldwide, due to his versatility, great musical selection and charisma dominating the dancefloor.

However, music production has been, without a question, what has taken Miguel Bastida where here is today. After years and years of being locked up in the studio, he managed to create hi sown, exclusive and uncompromising sound, whose turning point came in 2015, with the release of "Moudness", a track that managed to stay up in the Top charts of platforms such as Beatport.

We talked to Miguel about his journey in the music industry and new remix on RIM. Read it now!
Hi Miguel. How are you? Thank you for chatting with us!
— Hello, I'm fine! It's a pleasure to speak with you guys!
So, how did you start your music career? How did you become interested in electronic music?
— My career began after many years as a hobby, trying to turn this passion for music into my profession. Since I was 10 years old I listened electronic music and it was at the age of 14 when I began to DJ. When I turned 16, I produced my first song, more than 20 years old of dedication to electronic music I think that I'm not going to stop!
Do you already have any gigs coming soon or you prefer to wait till the industry will be fully healed?
— We are already closing gigs for this Summer, although everything is still a bit inconclusive in terms of what can be done with respect to the situation in clubs and festivals due to the pandemic, each country has different restrictions and the return to normal life will take a little more time, but it seems that a little light at the end of the tunnel is seen in this whole strange situation.
You are constantly producing music and releasing on strong labels. How do you stay productive?
— I always try to surprise me, to make the music that I'm creating at the moment vibrate myself, so it is a bit difficult to maintain a very high level of quality, I just try to capture ideas, and with the days or weeks, there is something that completes them by listening to them over time, as every producer, I don't always can finish all the tracks that I started hahaha!

Also,I try to clear my head doing other things in my life, leaving the studio is the main thing for a total disconnection, sharing ideas with friends and seeing what others think, that also helps me a lot.
What can you recommend to upcoming artists?
— Dedication and Perseverance are essential, as well as not obsessing too much about the creative process, the attempt to create can become a block. The constant learning of techniques or keeping up to date with what music is being made as well as what new brands are coming to the market can bring us new and fresh ideas!
Your new remix of Alevtina's – Speak to Me is coming in June on RIM Label. What can you tell us about this release?
— I am looking forward to this release in RIM, listening to Alevtina's original song I knew what kind of remix I wanted to do, bringing another vision of their sounds to my idea of groove and beats with a good drop that could work well for dance floors.
Any additional info you would like to share?
— Wishing that everything begins again and we can share many beautiful moments with electronic music, a big hug, and a pleasure to collaborate with you.

See you on the dancefloor!