maXIon: I needed to fall in love with making music again

Today we are pleased to welcome you to our next guest, the UK based maXIon.

A freshly launched project, maXIon is set to debut on the UK label NĀTIV with the two track Callisto / Zephyrus, delivered in a progressive style sitting perfectly with the label's growing discography that includes works from Nick Warren, Richie Blacker, Nicolas Rada, Black 8 and more.

Ahead of the release, we caught up with maXIon to find out a bit more about the project, enjoy!
Hey, great to be speaking with you today ahead of your debut release! This must be an exciting time! Can you give us a bit of background on yourself and the creation of your maXIon project?
— Hello and thanks for taking the time to interview me. Yes this is indeed a very exciting time. It is always amazing to have a new platform to release new music. It is refreshing. If I am being honest it has been quite the journey to get here. Like most artists, I have experienced highs and lows and prior to the pandemic, I had all but given up on continuing to carve out a career in music. But, with the lockdowns I was able to find more time to be in the studio for experimentation. It was very relaxed, not trying to force anything and I had fully committed to and focused on enjoying an organic process. Thankfully everything began to click and flow naturally, from the sounds, to the arrangements. I had found the energy I had been lacking in recent years and it was like a new lease of life. The name maXIon gives the work an identity and purpose, it is a perfect fit for what is to come.
— The debut release, set to arrive via NATIV on April 1st, features two tracks titled Callisto and Zephyrus. What was the inspiration behind these?
— Callisto / Zephyrus are pivotal explorations of where I intend to be musically as an artist. I have always found motivation in traversing a deeper exploration of the musical landscape. Each track offers an individual melody-guided journey and is specifically arranged to push the listener's emotional boundaries. They undoubtedly are focused on capturing timeless memorable moments. Callisto is steeped in individualism and escapism, whereas Zephyrus projects euphoria, liberation and freedom. In many ways Callisto and Zephyrus reflect my personal adaptation to recent circumstances and as much as they differ, they remain in cohesion. The initial single release of Zephyrus arrives on 1st April and then both Callisto and Zephyrus will be fully released on 29th April via Nātiv Recordings!
What's your creative process been like for the release and were there any key pieces of equipment used in the process?
— Although not a specific piece of equipment, having time was the main factor and key in this whole process. Time to experiment, time to create, time to adapt, and not constrained by time in working to pressurized demands. I needed to fall in love with making music again. Everything else was supplementary and complementary. I used Ableton as the main DAW with propellerhead Reason and primarily plugins such as U-he Diva, Synapse Audio Dune 2 & 3. Additionally I have access to a number of studios with numerous synths, drum machines and outboard gear but all ideas start by working 'within the box'.
Who have been your biggest musical influences?
— Massive Attack, Leftfield, Jon Hopkins, Sasha and Digweed's (Northern Exposure), Daniel Avery, Bicep, Paul Kalkbrennar, Tim Green, Floating Points, Rival Consoles. I Really love the music coming from Innervisions Record Label at the moment too. In all honesty though, there are way too many to mention as I listen to most genres to gather inspiration.
Are there any stand out parties/events you've been to that have impacted your sound and style?
— I have attended and performed at many major and minor events throughout my career to date and all have influenced me in some shape or form. There is something unique, special and life changing in being able to share music you create with people and for them to enjoy it. I hope to create many more special experiences and memories with maXIon.
What's next for maXIon? Is there anything in the pipeline that you can share with us yet?
— I am prioritizing my live show at present, checking out best ways to perform and how it will look aesthetically, this will always be a work in progress. I have recently completed a full album LP and I am very excited to announce securing a deal with Bristol based record Label 'Shall Not Fade'. All is set for release on vinyl later in 2022. Further to this, I was provided an amazing opportunity to contribute to The KVB's 'Unity' album remix package and have remixed their song 'Ideal Living'. Trentmoller has also contributed a remix and again all will be released later in 2022. The KVB are an amazing electronic band from the UK. You can check their music here -

I am always working on new music and hunting out potential vocal collaborations to create special memorable music. I do have a few remix swaps in the pipeline too. All will come to fruition in the coming months
It's been a crazy couple of years with lockdowns and club closures. What are you most excited about for this year now things are back up and running?
— I hope to in some small way re-capture what I miss the most, performing and sharing music with people. I hope to take maXIon as far as I can and remain motivated, driven and most of all enjoy everything that comes my direction. I would also just like to say how extremely thankfulI am for my management team for having faith in and for all their assistance in getting maXIon up and running. NATIV, Shall Not Fade have provided me with a new sense of belonging and new opportunities to progress and solidify myself as an artist.