Matteo Vitanza: it's an honor for me to land on a label like Codex

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest , Matteo Vitanza!

Matteo Vitanza is a dj and producer from Rome, Italy. From an early age he discovered electronic sounds with great curiosity and, completely self-taught, he began to produce Techno music, becoming passionate about the great artists of the past but with a watchful eye on futuristic sounds. His DJ career has brought him in front of the consoles of numerous clubs, events and festivals in Italy.

We talked to Matteo about his upcoming release "Becoming Light" on Codex and other projects. Find out more below!
— Hello Matteo! How is everything going? Happy to have you with us today!
— Hello! Everything is fine thank you! I am very pleased to be here.
— Congratulations on your upcoming release "Becoming Light" on Codex!
What is the story behind the EP? How can you describe the tracks?
— It's an honor for me to land on a label like Codex! The story of Becoming Light is part of my creative process that is evolving with my productions. Trance style sounds and a powerful kick are the protagonists of this EP ... besides I always love a good vocal!

I think 'Becoming Light' is an unexpected track, maybe a little different than usual, created to surprise the dancefloor with this vocal and big leads. '' Bakemono '' instead, to rest the dancefloor and restart energetically!
How is this release special compare to other tracks you've released before?
— I think it was the effort it took to match every single sound in 'Becoming Light'. I also wanted to experiment with some trance and dubstep sounds, which I grew up with, and it took me a long time. I also wanted to experiment with the drop, making it different from what I usually do, I did not know what reaction it would have, but I must say that I am satisfied.
— Would you say that you have an integral piece of equipment you use in your productions?
— I very often use different synths in my productions, perhaps one that can never be missing is the MINI V, I like it a lot. The rest is always improvised.
— Are you working in the studio right now as well? Is anything cooking already?
— Of course! New tracks are about to arrive and also important collaborations with renowned artists.
— You're from Italy. What can you tell about the scene over there?
— The scene in Italy is recovering great! many new events are arising.
— What's next on your agenda? Thank you!
— On the agenda I have several evenings in Italy and also something abroad. Thanks to you!