Matt Caseli: You need to develop your own niche sound to stand out from the hoard

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Matt Caseli!

Pacha Ibiza legend and record producer Matt Caseli has been rocking the decks for a massive 26 year career. Taking him to many continents of the globe spinning his trademark underground House, dirty Disco and Tech sounds. Performing in over 50 countries and touching down on around 300 main cities! Smashing the dance scene's most respected night clubs, festivals and VIP beach clubs.

On the record production side Matt has signed to some of the most respected electronic dance music labels.

We talked to the electronic music prodigy about his new release "Feel the Rhythm" coming on La Vida Es and other projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Matt! Thanks for chatting with us today. How has 2022 been for you so far?
    — It's been a cool year so far with plenty of DJ gigs back on the menu for me, especially now our tourism in Australia has ramped up! I had some nice releases on labels such as DTLA, Simma Black, Hot Fuss, Stashed, Transa Records, RIM and most recently There Was Jack! That particular single 'To The Rescue (Here I Am)' alongside partner Matt Lightbourn went Traxsource Top 5 and Beatport Top 30! So we're super stoked to have a summer Ibiza banga with that one!
      — How did you start your career in music?
        — Wow that's a long story!! You would need a few bottles of vodka to hear all the details haha.. But to summarize, I first began as a Drum'n'Bass DJ Producer back in London in the early 90's! Then I started getting into House & Garage through the likes of Grant Nelson and Masters At Work which led me to Ibiza in 1997! I was then luckily invited for a guest slot at Pacha Ibiza which led to my 15 year residency at the club and Pacha history!
          Massive congratulations on your new single 'Feel the Rhythm' on La Vida Es. Can you talk to us through the release?
            — I wanted to do something a lil different with a classic old school Chicago Acid House tech vibe! So I created a more straight up drum groove with room for some live percussive sections, to give the track a real tribal feel! Then there's the mad filtered acid synths to ride the track out… I think it's always important to do a few different directions in House music, not always the same template. Of course consistency is good for your fans but not 10 trax all the same, mixing it up with a variation of styles shows your versatility and production skills. My tip of the day!!
              — Let's jump to your music production skills. Can you share some tricks of yours which you use while producing?
              — I think production tricks can be over rated sometimes…for me it's better to spend time researching past music. A bunch of neat tricks is not always going to save a track, so I prefer to put more focus on the core element of a tune. Getting ideas from older dance records and adapting them into the current vibe to achieve a more original sound. As example I'll get ideas from 70's Funk or 80's Electro, then replay and adapt a riff into my production. Too many producers are just copying and making the same shizz like everyone else and not being unique enough. You need to develop your own niche sound to stand out from the hoard!
              — What would be your favorite non-dance music song?
              — Extremely hard question as I like all sorts of non dance music, but this one springs to mind! Phil Collins 'In The Air Tonight', because I love the old school Miami Vice TV series and this was featured in (totally not a dance record but it does have some tasty old school 808 drums in).
              — If there is one hero of your lifetime, who is this and why?
              — I've never had one particular hero as such, as their are many people I could call heroes in their chosen industries! I've haven't idolized an Artist or anyone and gone bananas over them haha, I'm just not that type lol.. But if we have to roll with a hero then let's go with The Batman!!
                — Lastly, do you have any upcoming gigs or projects you would like to tell us about?
                  — Yes I'm always worked hard on new material, we have a mountain of original vocals written and recorded to utilize as top lines in new House & Tech trax. Stock piling ideas is good so you never get stuck or hit a wall! As for new releases, my next jam after 'Feel The Rhythm' is a ragga Tech banga on DONT BLINK's awesome Low Ceiling imprint called 'Ease Up Selecta' out in October! Then I have a cheeky Tech rendition of a huge 90's Funk Rock banga with partner Matt Lightbourn coming in November…top secret shizz atm…so watch this space!!