MASINO: music has always been a focus point in my family

Friday interview!

Today we had a pleasure to talk with MASINO - a DJ and Producer with Italian roots.

MASINO is a Resident dj of "RST Events", he played along artists like Loco Dice, Dan Ghenacia and Nastia. "THIRTY5 Sessions" the name of his official radio show, hosting international artists like Alex Mine, Anek, Cosmic Boys, Dan Drastic, Mr.Bizz, Shawnecy, Vinicius Honorio, Wurtz and many more.

We talked to the talent about the beginning of his career, work with THIRTY5 Records and fresh release "Shall We Dance" on Set About. Enjoy!
— Hello MASINO! How are you doing these days?
— Hi folks! Seems like we see the light at the end of the tunnel! I really hope the worst is over. I'm working on new tracks at the studio and on new projects with my event crew RST Events in Genova. But first of all I'm spending time with my family.
— Please, tell us more about the start of your career. How did you start DJing and producing?
— Music has always been a focus point in my family. I grew up listening to "War - Galaxy", "Kool & The Gang", "Chaka Khan" while my father was driving. Everything started when my dad pulled out of the dust his old mixer. Since then I started to move the first steps and learned how to djing. At 14yo I installed my first version of Ableton live with the goal to let people listen to my own music one day.
— Who were your early influences?
— House music for sure. Jeff Mills was one of my first references, watching hours of his videos I was impressed by the feeling between him and the audience during the dj sets.
— You are also A&R/Label Manager of THIRTY5 Records. How is the label evolving?
— This is my pride. THIRTY5 Records is a decade label, owned by Alberto Ferrari, a friend and an icon in the music business. He works behind the scenes but he has collaborated with the most important artists along with his mgmt, design and communication agency. He passed on to me the mantra to work hard and stay humble, time always pays off.

My first release on the label was "Follow Me", supported by Joris Voorn, editorial playlisted by Spotify.

Since then we focus on artists and music first, we're not interested in mainstream platforms. Our music is available only on our official website where you can stream or buy it. It's super unconventional, but we live for challenges.
— Your new release "Shall We Dance" will be out soon on Set About. What did you want to transmit to the audience with this release?
— I'd like to thank the label for this opportunity. I wanted to share the desire to get back on the dance floor, but first of all my concern is to let people understand me and my feelings through my music.
— There are 3 tracks on the EP. Can you describe them?
— Three massive tracks in my opinion. All produced with my trusted TR8s. "Shall We Dance" is the classic clubbing record with a hypnotic rhythm. "Sunday Morning" is really born on a weekend morning, while having breakfast I had a sound in mind turned into a song shortly after. "Sequence" is a record that most represents my style.
— What are your music plans for summer?
— I'll have a quite busy summer speaking about releases: a new EP on Spartaque's label in July, and a record on Phobiq in August. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the events side, italian club scene is still restricted but with my management and RST Events we're working to be back with some new gigs as soon as possible. We have to fight for our future!