Mary Mesk: I love discovering new sounds at festivals

Today we are pleased to welcome another talent , Mary Mesk!

Mary Mesk is a producer, DJ and composer. In 2020, she released her album '' Living Places '', inspired by her passion in Ibiza, and brought that experience through her songs, which have now reached more than half a million plays on Spotify.

We caught with Mary to talk about her recent release "Argos" on Area Verde and other projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Mary! How are you today? Thank you for talking with us!
— I am very happy! I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. The pleasure is all mine.
— How did you start your career in music?
— I started my career as music producer in 2015. In 2017, I started playing as a DJ. In this time I used to have CDJs at home, so I was always invited to play at my friends' parties in their houses. Then I started professionally at the end of 2017 to 2018.
Congrats on your release "Argos" coming up on Area Verde! What can you tell us about this EP?
— I was a lot inspired by melodic techno when I made ARGOS, using melodic and traveling vocals. In Alajat, the vibe of the music brings a more vibrant energy. I'm happy because these are two songs I produced at the end of the pandemics, when I still didn't have a reference of how the public would react. And to my surprise, the tracks are working really well on the dance floor, and they're in line with the references I've been enjoying right now.
— How can you describe your DJ set-up?
— I usually use CDJ 2000 Nexus2 and DJM 9000 Nexus. About my set, I always like to build a growing set, with a lot of emotion, melodies and energy. We recently introduced audiovisual at my last show at Laroc Club and it's definitely something I want to keep bringing to the next shows.
— Where do you think the scene is headed? One year from now?
— Now that we're back, I think the market is hot, and we'll have a great search for events and festivals. I guess people are in need of good times of union, love and joy. Dance music events are the best places to feel this. And a year from now, I think House and techno will be trending.
— What would be your favorite non-dance music song?
— Iron Maiden. Deep Forest.
— When not making music, where can we find you?
— When I'm not producing, you can basically find me in two places. First, I love the sea and nature. So the first place you can find me will be in Maresias, on the north coast of São Paulo. And the second place would be at parties and festivals, I love discovering new sounds at festivals.
— What do you have planned, musically, for the near future?
— Well, I want to continue releasing new tracks every month, and i'm willing to live a season in Ibiza.