Martin Vallée & Nicholas: Fresh release 'Tesco' on Aorta

Aorta Records is back with its second release. November the 6th meets Martin Vallée & Nicholas with the new dance track "Tesco" inspired by disco house with a touch of 80's hip hop vibe.

Martin Vallée is an artist based in Paris. His production ranges from traditional dance music to Pop, UK House and French House Music. Together with Nicholas, they are united to bring us an energetic sound with a drop of nostalgia.

We talked to young talents about their background, new release and future plans. Do not miss it and read below!
Hello Martin and Nicholas! How are both of you doing today? Where are you right now?
— Martin: Very well thank you! in France we are confined, so I'm using this period to work on my next song in my studio.

— Nicholas: I am doing great. The weather has been really nice here in Texas so I am happy.
Tell us more about your artistic profile.
— Martin: I have been producing since I was 14. I worked with my rock band and then with other artists after. I started my House/Pop project "Martin Vallée" 6 years ago and have worked with dance acts like Heldeep Records, Mr Revillz or Mr DeepSense.

— Nicholas: I started playing instruments when I was about 10 years old. First the piano, then marimba, and then gradually moved into writing and producing my own stuff. Now I do mostly pop and alternative music with the occasional dance track.
Martin, you are from France. What are the highlights of the music scene over there? And Nicholas, same question about the USA.
— Martin: The dance culture in France is very strong and inspires me a lot. We have a long dance heritage with artist like Daft Punk, Breakbot and Justice, and there are a lot of artist in this city to collaborate or to share our music with for feedback. Also, the other side Paris is very inspiring with its beauty and art culture!
Nicholas: The dance culture in the USA is huge, but I didn't really discover it until I moved to New York for college. I went to my first rave last year and it was such an incredible experience. So for me, raves are definitely the highlight of our dance scene, though they are not happening right now because of COVID.
Your new release "Tesco" is out today on Aorta Records. Please, give us some insights about the track. What was your inspiration? How was the production process?
— Martin: I started a disco house track and had the melody of "The Message" by Grand Master Flash on the drop. It was so cool but needed a killer vocal on it. I tried so many singers on it but never got a great result. I worked with Nicholas in the past for a song "Somehow" and when he released his new album "Above Every Blade of Grass Is an Angel Whispering Grow" I really liked the vocal on the "Tesco". I asked him to try something with the vocal for a new original song, rework the acapella and finally got the killer vocal for this track! The groove is very important to me so I played guitars, tambourine, and chopped my voice. I turned synth into my old technics tape recorder and re-recorded it to make it sound more organic and real.
Nicholas: I actually wrote Tesco about a year ago on the night I went to my first rave. I came up with the chorus when I was at this bar facetiming my friends in London. They started to debate whether they should go to Tesco and the lyrics sort of wrote themselves, "six pack when we go to tesco – fanta when we go to tesco". I wrote the verse while I was at the rave. I was on the dance floor and started to think about how I was going to get home and then came up with the line "If you can think about shit outside the club – it means its really not lit inside the club". I put out the original song a few weeks later, then Martin reached out, and the rest was history.
What do you expect from "Tesco"?
— Martin: Tesco already has more than 4K shazam before his release, big thank to the FG team. I hope people will like it, play it and share it !
Nicholas: It has already been so surreal to have it playing on the radio for the past few weeks. My only desire is that more people will hear it and dance to it and make more wild memories to that song like I did when I was writing it.
What else do you have wrapped up for 2020?
— Martin: I'm working a lot to the studio to release new music soon :)
Nicholas: I have a new EP that I'm working on and trying to pass all my classes in university lol