Marbox: Hard Work Works

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest - Marbox!

Marbox is an Italian DJ/Producer based in Turin. He has re

He shared the decks with artists like Adam Beyer, Regal , Farrago , Fatima Hajji , Enrico Sangiuliano and the "Seat Stage" of KappaFuturFestival with Sam Paganini , Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte.
Regarding productions, his recent releases on DSR, Luft and Himmel have been supported by Joseph Capriati, Luca Agnelli, Amelie Lens, Charlotte De Witte, Joyhauser and more. Versatility, groove and massive bassline are the fundamental elements that characterize his sets and his productions.

We talked to the talent about his new release "Visions" coming on Codex and other projects! Enjoy!
— Hello Marbox! How are you doing these days? It's a pleasure to be chatting with you.
— Hi guys, thanks for having me here, the pleasure is mine! My week got off to a
great start. I played at Movement Festival here in Turin before 999999999, a
fantastic evening. I feel very grateful and inspired so I am trying to make the most of
this positive wave.
— For any of our readers unfamiliar, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
— Of course yes! My real name is Mario Bocola, I am 26 years old and I was born
and raised in a small town in southern Italy. I started DJing at the age of 16 for fun,
immediately afterwards I realized that I wanted to make a job out of this.
unfortunately the place where I lived didn't have much to offer me and I wanted more
for myself. In 2016 I moved to Turin, "the magic city" and from there everything
changed. Since 2019 I am resident Dj of "Over", the most important Turin techno
party , of KappaFutur Festival and Movement Festival. To date I have released my
music on labels such as Jam, Etruria Beat, Odd Recording, IAMT, receiving important
supports from Amelie Lens, Charlotte de witte, Sam Paganini and many others.
Congratulations on your upcoming release "Visions" on Codex. Can you talk to us through the release and how it came about?
— Thank you guys! I wanted to release on Codex for a very long time, I finally succeeded! Vision's is an EP of two original tracks, "Override" and "Tunnel Vision", two very powerful songs. I finished these projects a few months ago but I waited to release them, I wanted to release them on a top label and so it was. The basic idea is to crack the track, energetic drops and deep bass lines... I expect a lot from them.
— What music (or artists) have played the biggest role in shaping you as an artist over the years?
— Luca Agnelli was the reason why I started DJing. Artistically speaking, I think Sam Paganini, Shdw & Obscure shape and Luca Agnelli were the models that inspired me. obviously there are many others but they played a very important role in my artistic growth.
— If you could choose one phrase to describe your daily motivation, what would it be?
— "Hard work works". I think that today, talent alone is not enough. It takes mentality, faith and a lot, a lot, a lot of hard work. I am not a headliner but I act as if I already were, I visualize the goals so much that I live them in advance and then when I reach them, everything seems normal. This way of seeing things helps me a lot psychologically.
— You're based in Italy. What can you tell about the electronic music industry over there?
— In addition we have KappaFutur Festival every year in July and Movement Festival in October, and this is just the Turin scene. There are also other valid realities active in the rest of Italy, but I am biased in saying that Turin is the best :)"
— And to wrap it up, what else in the store for you in the nearest future?
— For what concern future, I recently closed a release for the first few months of 2023 on an Italian label with two thick remixers and I'm really thrilled with the idea. I am working a lot in the studio to achieve the goals I have set myself for these last two months of the year. Honestly, I'm more focused on the present than about the future. I know where I'm going, step by step, everything is possible, the important thing is to keep the flame alive and believe in it more than anyone else.