Maga: the collective is all about building our own unique sound

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guest, Maga!

Born in France and now based in Portugal, Maga's discography boasts releases on some of dance music's most widely recognised labels, including Flying Circus and Get Physical.

We talked to Maga about "Scenarios" - a new artistic collective and its first release "Here To Stay". Enjoy!
Hey thanks for talking to us today. How has 2022 been so far for you?
— 2022 has so far been amazing. We are finally at the end of a long tunnel in the industry and so much has changed over the past two years. There are so many projects that have all come together during this time, including the birth of my very first listening album launching on a variety of labels that sync so well to my sound, from Flying Circus to Anja Schneider's label which is soon to be released.
Are you still based in Lisbon, Portugal? How are the clubs there now, are you expecting to see lots of events there this summer again?
— Yes, I am indeed in Portugal and I'm loving it. There is such a great lifestyle and culture and yes, the scene is completely back to normal now. I have started a new event series called 'STORIES', which happens once a month on a Sunday, from 3 pm till 2 am. I am inviting mainly some of my favorite artists and friends from the scene.
We're here to chat about a new collective that's emerged on the scene consisting of yourself, Emanuel Satie, Sean Doron, Tim Engelhardt and Yulia Niko called Scenarios. Can you tell us about this project?
— Yes, we have been working hard and many long hours to put this super talented team together. The idea was to build a crew that is trying to reach the same goal and that can truly help each other grow in the same directions. I believe that in order to move forward, being together can truly solidify us to build something special in the long run.

We also have a very strong production team on the production side for decoration and stage design by Eden, which has been leading the decoration for Day Zero and Get lost for years. On the lighting design, we have Paolo Montiel who sets up all lighting for Mayan Warrior. Lastly, Eran our CEO and Jon Flicks my manager will be handling all backend duties and the business and both have been in the business for almost a decade. We look forward to bringing our group together and shining light on our latest adventure.
The inaugural release from the collective comes in the form of a two track EP called Here To Stay. What was the influence behind this EP?
— The main idea of the EP was to build two different tracks with two different dynamics: one club track and a closing track which can be played in all of our sets, both have a solid ambiance by setting the stage and are very noticeable on the dance-floor.
What's the creative process like when working on a project like this?
— For us this project is something that is completely new. Being five artists in the studio isn't easy, since we all come from different backgrounds. In order to create something steady and have music on our label, we all decided some guidelines which help us represent who we want to be.
Is it hard work creating music in a collective of five compared to producing tracks on your own?
— I don't believe it is. It's all about the understanding where you want to head together for each EP. We have the chance to be five independent artists, which makes it our strength for feedback and future ideas we want to collaborate on.
Why is this different to any other label/collective?
— For labels, you are hosting new artists and remixes all the time, the collective is all about building our own unique sound with only inviting remixers on our label. In addition, we will be producing our own events which the whole crew will be pushing forward and we also will be inviting one guest artist each time for our showcases worldwide.
Are there any shows coming up this year you are excited about that you can tell us?
— Yes, there are many cities at this stage and we can only give you city names and can not share yet much more as it is still in the making at this point - Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv Paris, Istanbul, Ibiza.