Luke Garcia: if you are rejected in 100 projects, try a 101

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest, Luke Garcia!

One of Spain's shining stars, Luke Garcia is an artist who needs little introduction. This February will see a highly anticipated debut on the UK imprint Renaissance Recordings from Luke, adding to an already enviable CV that includes the likes of Innervisions, Tau, Borders Of Light and Sum Over Histories.

With the 'Ecro EP' on Renaissance set for release on February 11th, we are pleased to be chatting with Luke today, enjoy!
Hello Luke! It's great to have you with us today! How are you doing and where are you speaking to us from?
— Hi guys! It's a real pleasure to meet you and to be featured! Right now I am in Madrid. Originally from here, I moved back after a few years living in Miami and Ibiza so I could be closer to my family.
This February, you are set to make your debut on the iconic UK label, Renaissance Recordings, with your 'Ecro EP'. Congrats to you on a brilliant record here! We hear that your family played a big part in the inspiration of both 'Ecro' and 'Fiil'. Firstly, what can you tell us about the story behind 'Ecro'?
— Ecro was born from the frustration caused by COVID 19. When we were first locked down in March 2020, I felt quite desponded for a few weeks. All day locked at home, when months before I was traveling every weekend performing in great gigs. My release on Innervisions had just come out and my agency had closed a 2020 full of concerts. That situation really got into my head and no good musical ideas flowed to work on new songs. One day, my wife Tania, sat down with me and we talked; she lifted my spirits and made me see that life had to go on. I had to sit down and create new melodies. She made me release all the built-up pressure and frustrations and suddenly I was able to channel it all into the intense melodies and inspiring vocals that became 'Ecro'. In less than a week I brought ECRO to life. It is a very special and personal track, which I dedicate to her with immense gratitude.
And how about the track 'Fiil'?
— Fiil has an even more beautiful story if possible. This song was created with the most beautiful inspiration one can have in life, one's children. Tania and I have 2 and a half year old twins, during the first months of the pandemic (mid 2020) I was teaching and playing classical piano with them for months. One day an idea occurred to me while we were sitting at the piano, so we all wrote it together and the twins ended up being the architects of this very special melody. That's why it has so much feeling, certainly for me, of course, that's why I named it 'Fiil', the direct Spanish translation of the verb to feel. Thank you Alexander and Valeria.
The EP also features a brilliant remix of 'Ecro' from the rising artist Kiberu. What was it that drew yourself and Renaissance to seek out Kiberu for the remix, and what did you make of his take on the track?
— Kiberu was a blessing. He is a 10 on a personal level and a great producer on the rise whose latest works have been successful on the dance floors in 2021. Prior, I did not know him personally, but one day I spoke to him and from minute one there was an incredible connection beyond the professional. His remix is the perfect complement to the EP, with a clear mission, and that is to make people dance. Best of all is that now, we are friends, and we will surely do some collaboration in the future!!
We would love to hear the story of how you first began as an artist. What was it that first inspired you to begin your journey?
— My first experiences with music began as a DJ. At the age of 16 I taught myself to mix vinyl at home because my father had just been given 2 Technics pulley vinyls and a Rodec mixer. A few days later I asked him for some money and bought my first vinyls to try to make my first mixes. I had a good time. I broke more than one needle and over time I found the technique. Before I turned 18 and started my university studies (Economics), my father talked to a friend who had clubs in Madrid and they gave me the opportunity to play in the afternoons of one of the best clubs in my city. That's where it all started. Within a few months I was already playing on the main stage of the club at night.

Then after, I started to think I could learn to produce my own music, but for doing so, I thought it was better to first learn music theory and play the piano; back then, about 20 years ago, DAWs weren't as good as they are now. I spent 5 years taking harmony, music theory and piano classes. That helped me to realise later that what I liked the most was producing my own music...

Over the years, and with the help of some great producers in my city, I learned about Logic and Ableton and from there I started producing electronic music.
Could you share with us who your biggest musical influences have been throughout your life?
— Actually my first references in the world of electronics came from the 3 wise men who were: Sasha, John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo. They came to play in Madrid in the late 90s and early 2000s, a lot. Renaissance Records was always the label that released their best tracks. Also as DJs I have always followed and admired the sets of Ame, Dixon, Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettman, Oscar Mulero, Ben Klock…, but I have to say that currently there is also a new generation of DJs who are doing sets of extreme quality.

As producers and musicians, I have had Moloko, Bronski, Sade, Queen always present in the soundtrack of my life... In recent years djs and producers who are a reference for me, and also good friends, include Toto Chiavetta, Trikk, Adrian Roman, Joone …
What would be your most valuable piece of advice you could give to an aspiring artist?
— I'm not much for giving advice. Perhaps the most generic and valid for any type of profession in life are the most valuable: perseverance, believe in yourself, if you are rejected in 100 projects, try a 101, and above all be faithful to your style. I believe in trusting in yourself, that through your effort and constant work an opportunity in life will come for you to show your music to the world. This is essential to reach your goals as a producer and DJ.
Thank you for chatting today Luke! Congrats on the EP and all the best to you for the year ahead. To finish off, is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
— In 2022 I am hoping for the music industry and live music and other shows in particular are no longer affected by current restrictions due to the pandemic. Live music is necessary for millions of people and the livelihood for many others!Everything that has happened and is happening because of Covid-19 has been very hard and many colleagues with enormous talent have decided to look for work in other professions.Thank you Radio Intense and thanks to Renaissance Records for giving me this opportunity to talk to you for a bit!