Luke Brancaccio: just don't stop

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest, Luke Brancaccio.

An artist with a long and decorated history in the scene, Luke Brancaccio's work can be found across the likes of Mobilee, Lost & Found, Selador and many more. Most recently, Luke has collaborated with his good friend and regular pairing, Gai Barone; with their 'Brokheimer EP' landing on Renaissance Records marking their collaborative debut on the label.

With the release out now, we had a chat with Luke to find out more about the Brokheimer EP, enjoy!
— Luke, a pleasure to have you with us! How are you and whereabouts are you based right now?
— I'm in Hackney in London, I moved here a few ago. I'm currently sat on my sofa extremely ill, luckily not covid. Unfortunately I had to cancel a gig last night due to sickness. Really sucks.
— We're pleased to be chatting with you following the release of yours and Gai Barone's Brokheimer EP on Renaissance. Congrats on this EP! What was the inspiration behind this one?
— We are so happy to have signed to Renaissance, I did a remix for them over ten years ago so to be back in the loop is great. We wanted to do an E.P that had three different tunes for different parts of the same set. So Boarders is a great starter, Brokheimer great mid set vibes and Little Pictures for later on in your set. I think we nailed it ????
The EP marks the first time yourself and Gai have collaborated on Renaissance, how did the EP come to find its home on the label?
— We have been sending and talking to Renaissance for a while and all agreed that the Brokheimer E.P was definitely the right fit. Working with Marcus is a pleasure.
— Brazil's Renato Cohen features as remixer on the EP and takes the title track in an entirely new direction, a real 'remix' so to speak! What were your reactions when you first heard Renato's remix?
— We were blown away with his remix. He has remixed my tunes before and he has always delivered but this remix is special, has some classic old school vibes. Literally could not be happier x
Yourself and Gai Barone have been collaborating for a number of years now. We'd love to hear the story of how you first met, and what was it that inspired you to work together?
— We actually have never met. I was working with Simon Berry (Platipus, Art Of Trance) and I was played one of Gai's tracks that was featured on Patrice Baumel's Essential mix for Radio 1 and instantly got in touch with him and the rest is History. I LOVE working with Gai, he is the most talented person I've met.
— What's your creative process like when you and Gai work together?
— Gai or myself will send each other an idea and then we will bounce it back and forth until we have something we both are happy with. We don't really have a certain style per say as we like to experiment with different genres. But our process is very simple. Gai is a phenomenal pianist so he will always make the most simplistic idea sound fantastic.
— Does your creative process differ much when you work on solo projects?
— I really dislike working on my own as I am continually second guessing myself. I love having someone else to bounce ideas back and forth with. I am completely capable of writing tunes on my own but don't find it anywhere near as fun as working with someone you respect and admire.
— As a veteran of the scene, what advice would you offer to aspiring artists looking to pursue music?
— Just don't stop. It may take a year, it may take ten. Do it for the love and everything else will follow.
— Thank you for chatting with us today Luke! To round off, what's next for you now? Are there any more projects with Gai on the horizon?
— Lovely chatting and thanks for having me. Gai and myself have tons of stuff coming up. We have just finished a massive project with Bedrock (watch this space) and also have our Air cover coming out in July with new label Music To Die For.