Luis Miranda: I grow up with many techno gods I looked up

We are happy to welcome back the next guest, Luis Miranda!

We talked to Luis about his early years in the industry, new release "Stay Awake" coming later this month on Codex and upcoming projects. Enjoy!
— Hi Luis! We are happy to have you back on Radio Intense! How are you doing?
— I'm good, thank you for bringing me back. I'm currently in my studio in Los Angeles.
— What's the music scene like in Los Angeles right these days?
— Luckily since a couple of months ago things feel back to normal in regards to nightlife and electronic music activity, and there's an influx of positivity due to the number of outdoor parties and having the festival season starting to roll out. International artists are back to travel and you can see that in the lineups.

The solid techno scene is back with plenty of great local talent and kudos to several collectives promoters and clubs that have been keeping the scene alive with effort and passion like 6 AM, Incognito, Insomniac, Sound, Dirty Epic, Synthetik Minds, TechnoFam, Escape The System, Observe, to name a few.
Going back to your early raving days, can you tell us when you fell in love with electronic music?
— A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I was 13 the first time got into a club and experienced acid house, those sounds that hadn't ever listened to before blew my mind. The same night I fell in love with that figure that was touching vinyl with his hands, playing songs, turning knobs, and he was controlling people's reactions by doing that, it was magical and mysterious at the same time. I started to go to clubs and raves and stand up behind the DJ booth night after night, trying to analyze what they were doing and then replicate things at home. (I had a turntable with pitch and another one without pitch) I remember I used to go to bed listening to cassette recordings from clubs to understand the mixing, transitions, etc until...Then the following years I played a lot as a DJ in Madrid and went through many styles from acid house to EBM (not EDM), hard trance, goa, and then riding the wave of house, hard house, electro, deep house, and techno.
— Congratulations on your new release "Stay Awake" coming in April on Codex. How can you describe the release?
— Thank you, I'm very happy with the result and excited about the release.

The EP has two tracks with a peak warehouse vibe, acid sounds, and a hard-hitting heart to make you stay awake and keep dancing.

For the first track "Stay Awake", I was inspired by the acid line and the vocal, it was a simple combo but I played with it to keep it hypnotic but nonstatic, creating a progressive tension that rolled with the groove.

"Rexistance" was born from an old-school kick rumble with a powerful drive, and then I imagined a conversation inside a warehouse between an acid stab and a pluck, it was funny how the inspiration was manifested :)
— What made you choose Codex to release your music.
— It's a powerful label that I've followed for years, It curates great quality releases from top artists plus it offers significant promotional support. My producer friends that had released there spoke very good about its experience with Codex. Also, I think Codex is a label that is evolving with the times while keeping its essence of quality techno to the masses. For example, I met Spartaque in ADE 2018 when he talked about the new label strategy to focus on building an audience on Spotify, that thinking reinforced my interest in following where Codex was going.
— Can you tell us a bit about the artists who have influenced your career?
— Too many!! I grow up with many techno gods I looked up like Carl Cox, Ben Sims, Sam Paganini, Adam Beyer,..

As for DJs, Cristian Varela has always been my reference for his amazing technical skills and creativity on the decks. As producers, I would say, Luke Slater, Marco Bailey, Mark Broom...

Overall I've been influenced by many different genres and I've drank from many good old techno labels back in the day: Primate, Dance Opera, Bonzai, Attack, Hardgroove, Primevil, name a few.

I like to inject some of my old-school influences into more current sounds and inspiration, I think that has become part of my sound.
— Are there any events we can see you playing at in the nearest future?
— I'm locking some gigs in LA, Las Vegas, Dominican Republic, and Mexico, and can't wait to get back to Spain after summer for a tour. More surprises and dates coming soon.
— To round things off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself you'd like to share.
— Yes, after my Codex release I will be back to Ramiro Lopez & Arjun Vagale's Odd and currently working on lots of new music for the second half of 2022.