Luis Miranda: I'm planning to start 2022 with positive energy and hope

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest, Luis Miranda!

By day, a high-achieving marketing executive, driven by analysis and order. By night, a chart-topping techno DJ and producer, driven by creativity and chaos. Luis Miranda is dichotomy personified. He is an introverted extrovert, who creates underground techno music that is perfectly formulated for the masses.

We talked to the techno enthusiast about his experience in the industry, personal life and new release "Dangerous" on Analytic Trail.
Welcome Luis, thanks for speaking to us! So, where are you based these days? We know you are from Madrid, but have had a very global life.
— Thank you for having me. I've been based in Los Angeles for the last 9 years, before that I spent some time in Singapore and London. I still have a strong connection with my hometown, Madrid, and pre-Covid I used to visit it at least 2 or 3 times a year.
For those readers who may not have heard your music before, you can describe your sound, especially that found in your upcoming release on Analytic Trail this December.
— I would define my sound as vibrant techno born in a warehouse. It's made of a combination of groovy, raw, and hard-hitting sounds that inspires mind-altering experiences, and shakes audiences' temporal lobes and feet with new and old school influences.

As for my upcoming EP on Analytic Trail, it was born from a moment of feeling the pain of our industry and having our DJ/producer careers in a dangerously unstable moment. From the start, I decided to not follow any formula, and intuitively, ended up exploring a more old-school palette of sounds than usual, maybe because of the familiarity and comfortability of the nostalgia in those moments.

With that inspiration, the EP showcases a range within techno, with a clear, different identity, and vibe for each track.

"Dangerous" is a hybrid track focused on the journey of a sharp synth bass that builds tension through modulation and an effective groove. "Retrocat" captures a 90's vibe with old-school lead surrounded with funk-ish textures and voices. "Molly's Rave" is an energetic tribute to the rave sound, with a powerful melodic sequence, and a 303 line alternating and complementing each other to full-effect peak time.
Aside from Analytic Trail, you have released some nice labels including KD Raw, Tronic, Unrilis and Transmit. Is there a goal for the next? If so, who and why.
— I have some great new releases coming soon - I'll be back to KD Raw, and will make my debut on Octopus, and Codex. Regarding labels, I follow a mixed yet balanced approach between being loyal and developing a stronger relationship with the labels that really support me and expanding my work with new labels that I admire. I'll keep the mystery about other target labels but my goal in 2022 is to consolidate my sound and continue elevating the quality of my productions.
Have you always been a producer / DJ, or did you have another career beforehand?
— I've been a DJ first. I was 17 when I first played outside my bedroom. But I also have a career in the advertising and marketing world as a Brand Strategy Director. Working in the advertising world made me develop my creativity in other ways and create synergies with my music world while traveling and living in different countries. In the last few years, I found a way to juggle music and marketing by being a freelancer and that has been a good safety net during Covid.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself? Do you have any interesting hobbies?
— Well I guess you could say I'm a ninja in the making ;) as I studied and practiced Ninjutsu for years. I love martial arts. It injected me with a strong sense of focus, discipline, and respect for others. I'm also black belt 2nd dan in Judo plus have some experience with Jeet Kune Do. Apart from martial arts, I love running, tennis, and fitness in general, but you also can find me enjoying a good book on a quiet beach.
— After the last difficult couple of years for the events and entertainment industry, how do you plan to kick start 2022?
— First giving thanks for what we have so far. I'm planning to start with positive energy and hope, and be more active supporting our techno community. The pandemic made me more aware of the importance of the community and the connection at the human level within it.
In the studio, beyond the releases I mentioned before, I'm finishing a couple of EPs and some collaborations with good friends that I'm excited about.
Finally, as we're approaching NYE – any New Year's resolutions you are willing to share?
— I have 3 main resolutions:

1- Dedicating time to explore and jump into the NFT music world, as I think it's an important path for any artist. I would like to launch my first NFT soon.

2- Explore adding some live components to my sets.

3- I would like to get back to traveling in 2022. There are so many places on my list, starting with India, Argentina, and Australia. Let's cross fingers that the COVID situation gets better everywhere.