Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder: We're really happy with our current sound and the journey we're on

Radio Intense had a a pleasure to talk to two Italian talents: Luca Morris and Mozzy Rekorder.

Just last year ago they achieved their 1st place on Beatport Top 100 Techno Chart with their release "Gypsy Women" which was out on Terminal M and right now they are producing more and more bangers.

We talked to the electronic music masterminds about their beginnings, new releases including "Johnny Lawrence" on Codex and future projects. Check it out below!
— Hi guys! How are you these days? Thanks for having time for us. Please, tell us more about your journeys in the industry. How both of you become interested in techno and what makes your sound unique?
— Well, we both come from completely different backgrounds. I (Luca) have years of experience as a DJ, performing in many clubs and festivals throughout Europe. When I'm not performing, most of my time is spent in the studio producing high quality techno and tech-house music. That said, Nicola comes from the trance and psy-trance scene where he had a lot of success. We met by chance around 6 years ago and found ourselves working on a few tracks together soon after. From then on, we built a great friendship and believe we compliment each other's production skills. We're really happy with our current sound and the journey we're on.
— Where do you take you inspiration from? Are there any tips you can share for upcoming artists?
— The absolute key to our recent success is being passionate about what we do. Believing in the musical direction you've chosen and fully committing to that sound harnesses real power and helps generate a unique chemistry between us. We're continuously learning new techniques in the studio and always find it exciting to bounce ideas off each other.
— Your fresh release "Johnny Lawrence" has been recently out on "Codex". What can you say about the release? How did you decide to collaborate?
— During lockdown and this long period of forced rest, we both fell in love with a TV series on Netflix called 'Cobra Kai' – a show considered to be a sequel to the classic 80s movie 'The Karate Kid'. After binge watching it, we locked ourselves in the studio and the "Johnny Lawrence" EP was the result! We were excited to hear the legendary Spartaque liked these tracks and decided to release them on Codex Recordings – one of the most important labels in today's international techno scene.
— There are 3 tracks on the release. How did you manage the production process?
— Put simply, we applied our usual system of work. Kicks and slaps until we're both satisfied with the result! All jokes aside, we attack each track with an open mind and discuss every single detail of its structure until we are both happy with the overall result.
— Finally, what else do you have in store in 2021 for "Luca Morris" and "Mozzy Rekorder"?
— Between now and the end of the year we have two objectives. The first is something we don't wish to reveal at this time but rest assured - it's something big! The other is to further develop our very own label: Limbo Recordings - similar to the professional way Spartaque operates his labels.