Luca Gaeta: my musical roots are certainly influenced by Techno made in Naples

Friday Interview!

Today we had an opportunity to talk to the Italian Wizard - Luca Gaeta.

Luca Gaeta is a DJ and a constantly evolving producer, always looking for innovative sounds. Eclectic, creative, with a unique style that transmits great strength and adrenaline. His composes his music with a careful selection of classical house sounds.

We asked Luca Gaeta about his artistic side, new release "Hive Mind" on Codex and new projects.

Find out below what he has to say!
— Hello Luca! How are you? Thanks for having time for us!
— Hi, thank you, I'm doing well! Thanks to you for inviting me. I have been following Radio Intense for years and it's great to be part of it.
— How would you describe "Luca Gaeta" from the artistic side? What makes your sound unique?
— My musical roots are certainly influenced by Techno made in Naples, so with a bassline that goes straight to the Dancefloor. In the years, I began to appreciate a more melodic line that now characterized my music; so to answer to your question, in my DNA there's a classic techno 4/4 but obviously with the addition of a search for melodic sounds.
— What do you consider as a turning point for your career?
— As soon as we can go again to the parties and clubs, there will be so much desire to discover new things and I will be ready with so much new stuff and alternative sounds that I am working on in this period.. so I hope that soon there will be a turning point for my career.
— Do you have your daily routine in the studio? Or how do you usually start working on your projects?
— My new studio is in my house. It's my magic place where I spend all my time working on new tracks and I always forget the outside life while I create my music. I usually jam with my analog machine and when my loop is ready I start to recording every sound in Ableton. That's how I'm used to do it.
— Your new release "Hive Mind" coming soon on Codex. What did you want to transmit to the audience by those tracks?
— This Ep gives me a lot of energy so I want and I hope to transmit it to the audience as soon as we will back to the dance floor. The tracks totally represent my musical style with the dark atmosphere that caracterized me.
— What are your expectations from the release?
— I hope people will appreciate my new work and many Djs around the world can finally play it live.
— Do you have any news you would like to share?
— Many things are coming but I don't want to share it now. You will know it soon.