Lorenzo De Blanck: my goal is to make people dance all over the world

One of the scene's most prolific producers in recent years, Lorenzo De Blanck is an artist in high demand right now. Having already landed releases on the likes of Hottrax, Repopulate Mars, Saved Records and many more, Lorenzo is now set to make his debut on Damian Lazarus' Rebellion imprint with his track 'Addiction' finding itself on Rebellion presents SOULS Vol.3, the third instalment of the labels' burgeoning V/A EP series. Ahead of the release, we invited Lorenzo for a chat, enjoy!
— Hey Lorenzo, great to have you with us today. How are things with you and what have you been up to lately?
— I just returned from a gig where I played last night near Florence. I took the opportunity to spend a day in this beautiful city, one of the most beautiful in Italy. In the next few days I will be working in the studio on a track that I am finishing. I want to play it next weekend in Hungary and also the next day in Italy when I will share the consolle with Darius Syrossian.
— We're excited to be speaking with you ahead of your debut on Damian Lazarus' Rebellion label with your track 'Addiction' on the Rebellion presents SOULS Vol.3. Our congratulations on this release, it's a great track on another strong instalment in Rebellions V/A series. What can you tell us about 'Addiction'?
— Thanks for the nice words! I am honoured to make my debut in Damian Lazarus' family and I thank him for the trust. "Addiction" is one of my favourite tracks, maybe it's the track which the most people asked me for the id during my dj sets this year. Finally it will be released and I couldn't ask for anything better than a label of this depth.
What's the story behind the track landing on Rebellion and how does it feel to now be a part of the label's back-catalogue?
— I am a big fan of Damian's music and art. At the beginning of the summer he wrote to me that he was playing some of my tracks and a short time later he asked me if he would like me to release "Addiction" on his label. Without thinking for a second I said yes.
— We'd love to hear a bit about the creative process on Addiction, how did you approach this one?
— Addiction was born from a "reggae" sample on which I built the whole structure of the song, to which I added a sexy female voice that refers to the title of the track. The mood of the track is cheerful and at the same time very energetic. Every time I play it, the dancefloor burns.
— We believe your first release dates back to around 2009, however 2022 has been possibly your most prolific year to date, with releases landing on Hottrax, Moon Harbour and more. How has the year been for you from your point of view as an artist?
— In my opinion in the last few years I have created my best tracks, every time I try to improve the level. This was the year of restart after the two-year lockdown, and I can only be happy to celebrate it by releasing my music on such prestigious labels. Matthias Tanzmann and Jamie Jones believed in me and I have already released several tracks on their labels, now I'm happy with my new goal on Damian's label.
Your sound has had an infectious energy since your early releases, how would you say your sound has developed over the years in your own words?
— Thank you! I produce the tracks to play in my dj sets, so the approach I have when I produce is always aimed at the dancefloor. During my dj sets I have the opportunity to test them, to understand how they sound and to see the reaction of the dancefloor. It is the only way to really understand the result of a track. The creative process of a track goes through several steps, I often make some corrections both on the mix and on the drafting. Sometimes I feel the need to change the kick, or the snare drum, other times the track doesn't work and in that case it stays still on the hard disk or ends up directly in the trash. The goal is to create better and better music, release after release.
— What are your biggest goals or aims as an artist going forwards?
— My goal is to make people dance all over the world. I can't wait to discover new dancefloors, to take part in the great festivals in South America but also to discover areas that I have never seen such as Japan or India. Music is the universal language that allows you to reach all the people of the world. For example, my track "Rewind" which has 2.2 million Spotify plays, has its largest number of streams in the US, Mexico, and Argentina, my dream now is to go and play live in these places. The best goals, however, are elrow, Paradise and Solid Grooves, some of the funnest parties in the world.
— And for aspiring artists in the scene, what piece of advice would you offer with your years of experience?
— To always follow your instincts and to listen to a lot of music, the more music you listen to the more you have the possibility to select and refine your style. For a producer it is important to have many inputs and to seek them even in ways that appear far from their own.
— Thank you for chatting with us Lorenzo! To round things off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you would like to share with us?
— Thanks to you for the time you have dedicated to me and to discover my world… I have a lot of new music coming out in 2023, stay in touch on my social channels to find out everything in advance. @lorenzodeblanck