Lim Nylon: I can thank the universe for guiding me on the path of Electronic music

Today we had a pleasure to talk to a young producer coming from the sunny side of the Alps - Lim Nylon.

Slovenian music scene defined his taste in Techno music which got him into DJing. The transition to producing happened when he wanted to express and present himself and his specific industrial taste in music.

Radio Intense asked Lim Nylon about his start of the career, new release "Dawnwaker" on IAMT and upcoming project. Read his answers below!
— Hello Luka! How are you doing today? Where are you now?
— Hi Olly and everyone reading in. Another sunny day in Slovenia making us feel good,
slowly easing out of quarantine and getting back to normal daily routines. I've spent the
whole epidemic in my home town - a small town in Slovenia called Laško, and I'm planning to stay here until this madness settles.
— I love asking about the beginning. How did you become interested in electronic music? Who were your early influences?
— I've been working on stages since I was 15 years old as a Roadie for an Acoustic Industrial band called StrojMachine, following them on festivals and allsorts of events. That got me into knowing lots of genres of music but I've always ended up enjoying myself the most on electronic stages. That's when I started really falling in love with the electronic genre, but in a passive way (as a listener).

When I was 18 the youth center in Laško hosted a DJ competition for young talents to get a spot on the biggest festival in Slovenia (Pivo in Cvetje), I worked there as the LD then and got to know many of the competition participants. I really clicked with one of them and we became friends - He has gotten me into DJ-ing at first and later into producing. To this day he has been a great companion on my journey while still pursuing his own.

Taking a look back with a vision for future I have to say that I can thank the universe for guiding me on the path of Electronic music especially Techno, as it has gotten me through my hardest moments of fighting anxiety as well as complimenting my happiest moments - an all around mood booster and soul clancer. My early influences were definitely Umek, Fatima Hajji, Sisko Electrofanatik, Plastikman, Ramiro Lopez and of course Spartaque, and one of my biggest dreams was to be part of IAMT family. And now that I am I can only say what a phenomenal feeling it is and how grateful I feel that I'm able to be with you.
What I would like to add is that there was a lot of influence from the local scene with
names like BlazV, Crocy, Blu3…
— Why did you choose techno? Do you produce music in any other genre?
— It "touched" me, it's a genre where you can release all and any emotions, whether on
the stage or in the studio. For me a true blow out - katarsis. I do play around with the other genres though, but for now it's mainly techno.
— What can you tell about the Slovenian nightlife? How is it doing during Covid-19 crisis?
— Slovenias nightlife before Corona was really diverse, from Ambiental electronic to Hard Techno and everything in between. Great club promoters and overall great event goers. Sadly Corona has taken its toll, as we lost Ambasada Gavioli and there are some rumors of permanently closing Slovenians second biggest club. Bigger label events are moving to Croatia or Italy as the restrictions are much more favourable and stable in those countries.
I really hope the situation stabilises and that the scene will again flourish.
— Your new release "Dawnwaker" is coming soon on IAMT. What can you tell about the tracks from the release?
— This EP is a projection of feelings accumulated during the EP, but with a clear focus on better days. In "Breathe", I played with the old school feelings and ravey stabs that get your feet stomping, accompanied by modern drum sounds and rhythms.

"Dawnwaker", on the other hand, is much heavier and darker. With more dreamy but
also harsher synths that play tricks with your head.

I really love adding vocals to my tracks as I feel that they can create the katharzic connection when listeners interpret my music.
— What would you like to achieve in the upcoming future as "Lim Nylon"?
— Definitely the goal on top of the bucket list is signing another EP to IAMT, but I would
also love to be on the stage soon, and I think that for this year, the greatest achievement would be to be able to go out and start connecting with people again, share ideas, concepts and the love for music.