Lexlay: my mission in life is transmit the best energy through music to people around the world

We are very happy to present you our next guest - Lexlay!

Born in Barcelona, Lexlay has been showing the world his own way of understanding music almost two decade. After years of work and driven by his resourceful character he's been placed in a respectable position in the international electronic music scene.

Lexlay is a synonym for joy, energy, freshness and passion; entertainment and fun are guaranteed on his sets. Versatile like a chameleon, he manages his musical discourse and adapts it to what each club crowd demands carrying with it a collective outburst of emotions. Elegance and pace characterize his musical style, being able to toggle from the sensitivity of "house music" to a more "groovy techno".

We talked to the electronic music enthusiast about his early years in the industry, new release "It Was There" on RIM and future projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Lexlay! How are you today? It is a pleasure to talk to you!
— Hello friends of Radio Intense! I'm very good, thank you! And you? I hope everything is well :)

The pleasure is mine, congratulations for your good job with the page and great channel! Thanks for inviting me!
— Please, tell us more about your early years. Who were your early influences and how did you start your music career?
— Since I was a child I have been very influenced by music at home, my mother was a very big fan of Rollings Stones so we had their music always playing at home. My uncle was one of the first DJs in Barcelona. At family meals they only talked about music. But it wasn't until I was 18 that I went out to my first electronic music party in Barcelona and discovered this genre that I fell in love with since the first day. The first DJ I saw was Umek at the Club Apolo, he was one of my biggest inspiration at the beginning. I was also influenced by Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Dj Rush, Misstress Barbara, Carl Cox, Technasia ... I loved the skills that each one had and how they transmitted all that energy through music to the crowd.
— What can you tell about the nightlife in Barcelona – your hometown? Did it have an influence on your artistic taste while building up your profile?
— Barcelona is an incredible city and is famous for being a party town. It holds a wide variety of clubs offering all kinds of music. Every week you have the opportunity to listen and experience different atmospheres especially on the weekends, when the city is more crowded. It hosts the best artists in the world in different clubs, festivals, even at the beach and unique locations. I have no doubt that there is something for every party goer. This helped me a lot to build my artist profile and inspiration since every week I went to see different artists so I could learn from them such things like their musical selection, mixing skills, how they moved in the booth, how they shared their passion with the people ...
— Now let's talk about "Happy Techno". How do you think where the label is going? Do you set specific goals for the label?
— HappyTechno is growing a lot and the whole team are very happy about it. Now in 2022 we celebrate the 10th anniversary and we are preparing very good EPs from very good artists around the world. We are also preparing for the anniversary different showcases in 10 different countries around the world to celebrate this decade of the label in a big way. It has been 10 years of hard work, passion and dedication and seeing that it evolves more each year makes us very proud and gives us energy to continue working even harder. We are also going to launch a special vinyl edition every quarter for adding value to our 10th bday.
— You are one of the artists who started touring quite fast despite on the restrictions around the world due to the pandemic. How did you feel about going back to the decks?
— Going back to the decks was like a dream! What I like most in life is being able to transmit my energy through music to people, and being able to do it again has been wonderful! I am very happy about it and I am looking forward that our industry returns back to normality the soonest so that all the DJ colleagues can do what we like most and that people can enjoy the events again.
— Your new release "It Was There" will be out soon on RIM Label. How can you describe the track?
— "It Was Ther" is a track that I did during the quarantine in Barcelona, when I was thinking a lot about those great recent parties and memories in South America where I had performed, before the pandemic arrived, that's why I gave it this name too. The track has a very representative tech house groove with a very eclectic high and is in my opinion very danceable. I have no doubt it will burn the dancefloors.
— What can you recommend to young talents who just entering the industry?
— Above all I would recommend to young or new talents a lot of patience! Do what they feel and work very constant. Be persistent in everything and above all that they trust themselves. That they love the music. That they work on their image, take care of themselves, make music, open their own record label, do their own events, do podcasts, streamings, interviews, work hard and dedicate time to plan and develop good strategy on social networks, listen to a lot of music to find their way … work work and WORK HARD if they want to live 100% from music :)
— Finally, do you have any other forthcoming projects coming up soon?
— Well, now I am very focused on the next year 2022, very good EPs are on the way in great labels, also how I mentioned before preparing the 10th anniversary of HappyTechno Music, vinyl and working very hard on the new label that we opened last March, Happy Techno Limited .