Lazar (IT): if you look beyond business, music is life

We're pleased to welcome you to our next guest, Lazar (IT)!

Lazar (IT) (Vincenzo Astorino) is a Italian DJ/Producer based in Rome. Approaches to electronic music in 2014 with this project, experimenting in minimal, where it gets a lot of approval, and then entering in the techno world, debuting with labels like Phobiq, Funk'n Deep Records and Orange Recordings, and supported by superstars DJ like Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Alan Fitzpatrick, Umek and many other.

Radio Intense talked to the talent about his upcoming release "Sinister" on Codex. Find out more below!
Hello Lazar! What have you been up to recently?
— Hi. It is a pleasure to be here. Recently I worked on a new stuff which will be out soon but I can't tell more about this, just this is another big goal for Lazar (IT).
Could you tell us more about your music path?
— I started 15 years ago when the Techno scene was influenced by Minimal Techno, after I followed my curiosity exploring some kinds of electronic music till the Experimental Minimal where did I get great satisfactions. When I reached the right maturity, I established myself in the more modern Techno scene with great results like We Are The Brave, JAM, 1605 and many other, last Codex.
We are pleased to be chatting with you around the release of "Sinister" coming on Codex on the 12th of August. Great vibes across both tracks on the release! We'd love to hear more about the production process and the story behind the release.
— As with all my works, I show my style, which is slightly influenced by the mainstream. When I work I start from my sensation, mood, and everything that surrounds me at that precise moment I make it on the track.

Sinister and Neon Waves are totally different, but in both you can find my music, my style. I love to do what I like.
Are there any stand out parties/events you've been to that have impacted your sound and style?
— Not a festival or a party, I leant about some artists, some techniques. Behind every work there are many sacrifices, time taken from the family, but basically music is the true first love, so it was an approved sacrifice.
— Which hobbies do you have apart from music world?
— Play with my baby and play football because I am a good player!!!!
If you could choose one phrase to describe your daily motivation, what would it be?
— If you look beyond business, music is life.
Where can we expect to see you for the rest of this year?
— In the end of the year we can find me in one of the best labels at the moment, I can't tell more about it at the moment. Apart from this, I love what I do and I do it with passion, that's why every day there could be news, maybe today, maybe tomorrow .... The beauty of music is also this.