Lanna: through music you can transfer so much more than

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, wonderful Lanna!

Lanna is a 16 years old DJ & Producer from Serbia.

We talked to the young talent about hew music path and vision in the industry. Find out more below!
— Hello Lanna! How are you doing? Thanks for chatting with us.
— Hi! I am doing great, school, DJing and production, living a dream :) Thank you for
having me!
— Tell us more about your artistic project. How would you describe "Lanna"?
— To be honest considering my age, at the beginning I didn't have a clue that „Lanna" would be an artistic project on this level. I started it as I fall in love with electronic music the first time when I saw the turntables, which was at a DJ school that have entered totally by a chance. Now as I am getting older and purely involved more
and more in it, „Lanna" now became a name not only by sets but also a production
in which I am more and more involved. To say in one sentence, as I am attending
high school, besides that all of my free time goes only to learning and advancing in
project LANNA.
Since you're 16 years old, the industry for you can look very different unlike other artists. What do you find interesting about the electronic music scene and where do you see yourself in the future?
— For 5 years now I am following the electronic music scene and the most interesting
thing is constant change. As I am following a lot of artists, for this time period I saw
how many directions an artist can change, also the scene, and also I have changed
a lot in these five years :) I am currently oriented on progressive, indie dance, and
melodic techno, but who knows what will future bring into my constant advancing :)
— Following my previous question, do you have any specific goals and objectives you would like to achieve as an artist?
— I am enjoying the most watching and feeling the crowd as they feel me when I play
at events and in my opinion through music you can transfer so much more than
words. So in the future, I see myself as a successful DJ and producer playing at
world's biggest events. I have already played two times on Exit Festival and I am
all into that great feeling inside me.
— Who were you earliest inspirations within music?
— I never had any specific person as a role model, I am listening to and following
various artists and I try things in my music, I love to explore. I have listened to
electronic music radio, constantly since when I was 11 years old :)
Where can we see you perform over the coming months?
— I would like to add that everybody tells me to be patient and that I have time, but I
can't wait for my 18th birthday so I have more freedom to go out to parties and follow
more, physically, the electronic scene more. But for now, I can focus more on
production which is also great, so I want to mention that I have already made my
first EP together with Sebastian Haas whom I want to thank! Also, my first solo
track is out on Let's Mix It Recordings! :) I really need also to mention my family
and team Let's Mix It! Crew whit who I am growing as a producer and DJ.
— Thanks for your time today, Lanna. To round off, is there anything else upcoming form yourself that you'd like to share with us?
— Thank you so much for this interview and see you at some party!