Lander B: a dream come true

We are ready to present you our today's guest - Lander B.

Lander B is a Spanish DJ/Producer. Getting through hard work and dedication, he released on many of the most important labels of the moment like Terminal M, Odd, Transmit ,Codex , Set About , Bitten , Pornographic. His music is characterised from big synths, intense musicality and wide and punchy basslines, where at the same time, Lander B is not afraid to incorporate in his compositions, classic instruments like piano, or vintage sounds, thus creating an unparalleled musical signature, unseen among producers on the genre.

Radio Intense talked to the electronic music enthusiast about his journey in the industry and upcoming release "Zakary" on Codex. Read it now!
— Hey Lander! How are you? Thanks for having time for Radio Intense!
— Very well. Thank you very much for wanting to count on me. It is a pleasure for me.
— Let's see how it's all started. When did you realize that DJing and producing music is what you want to do for life?
— It all started 22 years ago (I was 15 years old) with the death of my father. Music helped me to overcome that great loss. I found in music a way to move forward, I bought my first turntables and also set up my first production studio. The busier I got, the less I thought about that loss. Without realising it, it became my way of life.
— How did you end up with techno?
— I have produced various styles in my career such as Progressive, trance, hard house, tech house, Machine, techno and more variants. Nowadays, I implement to the techno style, everything I have learned during these years with other styles. I can say that I'm in a period where I'm mixing trance progressive and techno styles.

How did I end up with techno? One more stage.
— What can you distinguish as a milestone of your career?
— The release of my first Progressive vinyls. At that time the record company had to trust you and invest a lot of money in the production of the vinyls. It was very difficult to reach that big goal. To arrive at the club and see how the dj took your vinyl out of his suitcase and mixed it... that was a dream come true. nowadays music has a very small expiry date. a great pity.
— Your new release "Zakary" will be out soon on Codex. How do you feel about it?
— Very happy to work with Codex again. The IAMT Music Group offers great promotion and support to the producer and that's very important. I will surely come back to make more releases with you.
— There are 3 tracks on the release. Can you describe them, please?
— A release with a lot of strength and dynamic. Saturated harmonic sounds. The song "Incorrect" is inspired by the Progressive melodies of the 2000s. "Zakary" and "Kraner" are easy songs to mix in session thanks to their simplicity.Together, the3 songs mix 2 very dynamic styles -Progressive -Techno-creating a release with a lot of force.
— You are constantly producing. How do you stay so productive?
— I used to produce many hours a day. That came at a high price, few friends and no family life. Today I am happy because I have found a balance. I give my family the time they deserve, I give my work the time it deserves and I give music the time it needs to make me feel relaxed and good about myself.