Lady Tazz: the ultimate baddie

Meet our new guest - Lady Tazz!

Living in Bangladesh, far from electronic music's traditional epicenters, Lady Tazz was nonetheless an enthusiast of the scene and party lifestyle - fostering a deep love for techno in particular. ]

Her inimitable sound is dark hypnotic synths, ethereal vocals and pristine beats cut through with spikes of acid. Tazz is captivated by the beauty of chance occurrences in the studio – grabbing hold of the unexpected and building her musical world around it.

Radio Intense talked to the techno princess about her way in the industry, new release "Dragon Lady" on Codex and future expectations. Find out below!
— Hello Tasnim! How is everything going? Where are you right now?
— Hello ! I'm so well thank you for asking , I am loving the weather , the glow on my skin ,the sound of the ocean and the amazing food .

I am in Greece now . This is one of my favourite places to come to and produce music right on the mountain tops surrounded by fig trees .
— I know you have a very interesting life story. Born in Montreal, coming back to Bangladesh. Did this change affect you?
— I am a very Global person. I have been travelling since was born thanks to my parents they have given me the chance to see soo many things in life I am very grateful to them.. Yes Montreal is my Hometown but my roots brought me back to Bangladesh , as I really wanted to do something for the young generation in the entertainemt sector in Bangladesh so , I Opened my own Radio station . It wasnt a very Hard transition for me because I am a very focused person in life and I love a challenge .
"The day you become comfortable with your life is the day you stop growing."
— Let's move to the artistic side. What can you tell about Lady Tazz? Who is she?
— Lady Tazz is the Ultimate baddie. She is all about being free from all man-made norms.

My presence in Bangladesh's music industry has not been easy. Being made to satisfy the stereotypes imposed on me , I had to experience extreme levels of criticism .

From Social Media bullies to even people I had the misfortune of meeting in real life, I had to fight through them all and I enjoyed the challenge as I am not someone they can cage.And so I did, one by one breaking all standards and coming out on top,

Lady Tazz is not only an Artist but also a bad bi*** that will shatter any unfair standards that will be imposed on her. She dedicates her time to getting this point across. Lady Tazz is a person with a strong will to live life by her own terms and a fighter with a belief in freedom of speech .
— When did you become interested in electronic music scene and particularly in techno?
— I think I have always been into Electronic Dance Music . I have been a raver since I was 16 . But My Trip to Berlin is what really did it for me , I have no idea how 3 days just went by like that while I was in a Rave . I was facinated by how the Dj playing behind the deck made me feel. I feltt like I was in a hypnotic state , and I wanted to be able to do that to others.
Heheh I know I sound bad...
— I know that you are owning 96.4 Spice FM. Please, tell us more about the radio.
— Spice FM is my baby. I always had a close relationship to the radio as I grew up listening to them.. it's a great way of touching peoples hearts and being close to the community… I felt like Bangladesh was lacking a proper radio station and most importantly an English speaking one , so I wanted to start the countries first English speaking radio station … but I didn't just stop there I wanted to make things very visual so Spice FM started the whole trend of digital radio making it an overnight success.

We became the countries first and only radio station to get 6 nominations from the New York Radio awards, this was a huge feeling of happiness for me, to be able to give back something to my country.
— Your new release "Dragon Lady" incl. T78 Remix is coming soon on Codex. What is the story behind the release?
— Dragon lady is about igniting that internal fire of Self Love for Women all over the world. This track reflects the power we hold in our palm to rule ourselves and the world.
This track was created to empower and celebrate women .
— What would you like to achieve for "Lady Tazz" in the nearest future?
— I want Lady Tazz to come keep producing new sounds and inspire women from all over the world to be they're s best versions .
I love Techno and fashion so I'm working on a really cool project . Let's say a Techno label with high end rave cloths .