Konrad (Italy) : I would describe my music as "happy"

Corrado Cardone aka Konrad is a Dj, Producer and Remixer with a vast background and a wide musical culture, who loves to experiment in all its facets, from House Music to Techno and Trance!

When he was a child he began to discover his passion towards electronic music, looking at international Techno music panorama. After long years spent as a true Clubber throughout Italy, in 2006, he decide to pursue a career as a Dj, and in 2011 he began to produce his first releases including such important labels as We Are The Brave (Alan Fitzpatrick), Intec (Carl Cox), Octopus (Sian), Unrilis (Roberto Capuano), Codex (Spartaque) and Phobiq (Sasha Carassi) and many more!

Radio Intense had a pleasure to talk to the Italian techno gem about his experience, new release "Opal Dimension" on Codex and future projects. Check it out right now!
— Hello Corrado! How is everything going? How is 2021 treating you so far?
— Hello, luckily everything is fine here, surely 2020 was a hellish year for everyone, but it was also a year rich of productions, I spent practically 100% of my time locked up in the studio! 2021 started in the best way, I signed two Ep plus one Ep on Vinyl! but I think I'll stop for a while, because there aren't any festivals around, so I can't promote my music.
— So, let's talk about Konrad. First of all, what made you want to become an electronic music artist? And what are the highlights of your career?
— The DJ producer scene has always fascinated me since I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming one too! As a child I listened to many genres: hip hop, electro, dance, trance and house music, but in particular I always liked electronics, until one day I decided to test myself and start producing!
— How would you describe the music that you typically create?
— I have always made music quite happy, so I would describe my music as "happy" hahahaha
— What do you prefer: playing gigs or producing music?
— I love to be both DJ and DJ producer, but right now I would prefer to play since my last date in Italy was in August!
— Your new release "Opal Dimension" soon will be out on Codex. What was the production process? Please, tell us more about the tracks from the release. Which is your favorite?

— "OPAL DIMENSION" is definitely one of the strongest releases of this 2021! While "ARCTURUS" is definitely one of the tracks I love most, I worked hard on both projects, I tried to create a Cosmic thing but at the same time a Techno thing with various shades! I am very satisfied with this ep and I hope to have a great Feedback
— It's your second release on Codex Recordings and something tells me not the last. Do you like working with Codex?
— I'm happy to work with Codex, first of all because a few years ago it was the great Spartaque who contacted me, asking me to send him music for his label, and secondly because they take great care of the artwork, videos, biographies, feedbacks, etc., they are very professional unlike many other diacographic labels! I plan to release again in the future on Codex!
— What can we expect from you in the nearest future?
— For the future I hope the best