Klaudia Gawlas: the most important thing for me is to have a home for my tracks

An undeniable tour de force in the techno world, Klaudia Gawlas' inspiring back-story and subsequent success as a genre-influencing DJ and Producer have seen her cemented at the forefront of the ever-changing dance landscape for nearly a decade. With an impressive
back catalogue of releases on some of the industry's most respected imprints, including Joseph Capriati's Redimension, Coyu's Suara, and cult-label MOD - which she ran with Eric Sneo, Klaudia is now stepping out with her independent imprint - launching in March 2023 Klaudia's new label project 'Illusion' kicks off with a single release titled 'YDK'.

We invited Klaudia for a chat to find out more, enjoy!
— Hi Klaudia, welcome to Radio Intense! It's great to have you with us. How are you doing and where are you talking to us from?
— Hello Radio Intense, I am at home right now. Just coming from a day in the studio, as almost always that's the case right now. Need to get some things done for the next few releases, so it's a busy time.
You start march with a single release titled 'YDK' coming on your new label "Illusion". What's the story behind "YDK"
— YDK is the acronym of 'You don't know' which is the vocal in the track. I have chosen this one, because during my teenage years I often felt misunderstood. So, it says you don´t know. Many people don´t know what's behind the scene and why people are how they are. This just says it all and comprises the power behind and within the whole track. This feels like it speaks out of my heart.
What feelings are you hoping for the listener to experience from the track?
— To be able to let go something, when they maybe feel the same I do sometimes and don't have the power to change things. I think everyone knows this feeling. Some more some less…
— Can you tell us about your new label "Illusion" and what are your goals for the label?
— The most important thing for me is to have a home for my tracks and to have the leverage about the whole project. It was overdue to start this project and a new chapter. So the time has come!
— What have been some of your event and gig highlights in the beginning of 2023?
— I had a very good start into 2023 in Hans Bunte Club in Germany. Also, the party of Yves Deruyter in Antwerp was one to remember and not to forget this very cool club Club Max in Italy. But very much looking forward to MAYDAY - is like coming home - and all my other gigs in the future.
What kind of things are inspiring you at the moment?
— Of course, it´s mainly always music, searching new sounds and producing, but I also love to watch people and be with them. I also get a lot of inspiration and above all piece of mind from nature.
— Thank you for chatting with us today Klaudia and congrats again on the launching of the label and new release. To round things off, is there anything else from yourself that you would like to share with us?