Klaps (BE): it's my first time making something less energetic

We are stoked to present to you our next guest, Klaps (BE)!

Bringing energetic productions and heavy deejay sets as a standard, Klaps is known to be a real electronic music enthusiast! As a producer, his explosive techno tracks are notorious for setting the room on fire. As a techno soul, his raw beats will take you on a mind trip, whether it's a small intimate vibe or a supersized gig. Throughout the years he broadened his musical horizons with a mixture from big room techno, as well as the more underground sound.

We talked to the techno gem about his new release "Cutting Corners" coming on Codex and future expectations.
Check it out!
— Hello Thomas! How are you doing? Thanks for talking to us today!Congratulations on your upcoming release "Cutting Corners" on Codex! What can you tell us about the EP?
— Thanks! I made the EP during lockdown nr. 7468 in the spring of 2021. The EP is more melodic than others EP's, with a hint of acid. It's my first time making something less energetic, mainly because my mood was different than usual because of the lockdown. You can say it was a musical representation of my feelings. Anyway, I love the fresh sound!
— Please, tell us more about the tracks from the release. Do you have your favorite one among 3 of them?
— On the one hand I would say "Explode", because the record contains the most power. It fits me best.
But if I'm being honest, I'd say "Cutting Corners" is my fav, because this one is the most out of my comfort zone. "Cutting Corners" is also more accessible to the general public.
Are there any other projects are you currently working on?
— I am currently working on my first album which will be released on my own label "Get In Line". It will be my second time to release my own music on my own label. The release date was planned for March this year, but because we want to launch the release through some events, it may be postponed due to corona. Something to look forward to this year!
— How did you start your 2022? Any goals do you set for yourself this year?
— Despite the circumstances, very good, and stable, for which I am very grateful. The event sector in Belgium is still at a standstill, but I'm glad to host my weekly radio show on Studio Brussel, which allows me to stay in contact with the Belgian ravers!
— Could you tell us who or what styles have been your main musical influence throughout your life?
— In 2008 I played all genres. In 2017 things changed. Going out and participating in a local DJ contest, I got into techno and that hasn't changed since.
— What do you like to do in your free time?
— Festivals, cooking, travelling, snowboarding, are just about the first things that come to mind. I hope to be able to play again soon everywhere, this is of course at the top of my wish list!
— Finally, are there any events we can see you playing at in the nearest future? Thanks for chatting with us!
— Tomorrowland Winter is the first thing scheduled. For the time being, I'll play 1 set on Wednesday and 2 sets on Friday.
Fingers crossed, cause miss Rona is still in the building!