Kerith Chirhal: music has always been my best communication skill

We started our Christmas morning with a new release from Aorta South. Meet Kerith Chirhal and his new song "Body On Me".

Kerith Chirhal is a rising singer and songwriter based in Montreal. He conquered the hearts of many judges in the talent shows he participated to. He won the Intercultural Music and Dance Festival 2019 Best Overall Performance and American Inspiration Awards. He also artistically directed many events in his hometown.

Radio Intense talked to Kerith about his career, new & future projects and of course about his fresh release. This young mastermind has a lot to offer. See for yourself right now and Merry Christmas!
Hi Kerith! How are you? Thanks for answering this interview.
— Hey I'm good and I'm really excited, thanks for having me.
Tell us more about yourself and your artistic side. Who is it – Kerith Chirhal?
— Oh haha, Kerith Chirhal... I've always loved my art. Since a very young age music has always been my best communication skill. It's always been a passion for me that grew more and more and developed through the years. My artistic side has been influenced for sure by my Congolese and Kenyan roots, and being exposed to such beautiful and inspiring cultures made me capable of seeing the beauty in different arts from different cultures and that's amazing.
— What got you into music? What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?
— Honestly, I don't know what got me into it haha. You know it feels more like an inner call, cause none of my parents are musicians but since a very young age I loved it, and I pictured my self doing what I'm doing today. But I'm also so grateful for them to support me in my personal journey and I feel like they learned a lot about music through me.

I DEEPLY love the amount of support I receive from people around the globe. I mean tysm everybody who listens and shares my music every day. I love you so much!
Also, I love the way inspiration comes to me, like in the most random ways. I can be walking in the streets and I hear a melody or lyrics coming like an energy to me and it literally vibrates, I love that. and I always create worlds and personas for each one of my songs, so the listener can have a different experience with each one of them.

I also love being in the studio and recording with Ralami, who is an amazing producer and always finds a way to materialize the ideas i have in my head.
Also, I for sure enjoy inspiring myself from different local Montreal artists such as Mopao Mumu, Vanzforthefanz, Corinne Caza, Ariq, Jeune Rebeu and so on... they really motivate me in incredible ways. I'm so grateful for them.
And last but not least, i looooooooove being on stage. Especially the little stress you have before performing, geez! I love that.

There is only two things i hate haha, first : promoting new music lol, and second : when the people I work with modify and don't respect my vision. it's so stressful haha! Hopefully I always work with the right people.
— You are from Canada. Has Canada influenced your creative development? If so, how?
— Of course it has! I mean Canada, and especially Montreal alone is a place with a lot of culture mixture. And that only, exposes me to beautiful inspirations. I am able to take a spark of each one of them to make a star. I also wanna say JE T'AIME Céline Dion. Omg I love her so much! Such an inspiration!
— Your new song "Body On Me" is out today on Aorta South. What can you tell us about the song? What was your inspiration?
— Yesss first of all, thanks a lot to Aorta South for believing in me, and to Olly of IAMT Music Group, who is an amazing person.
So, the release is scheduled for december 25th (Merry Xmas to errbody that celebrates it and be safe), consider that as my Xmas and quarantine gift lol.

"Body On Me" is a story, I mean it actually happened, but by that time i didn't think of putting it in song haha.
It talks about a guy and a girl, who don't really know each other but for the first time they go clubbing, they dance, and whatever happens next is for you to discover when you listen to the song ;)

What's really cool is, the story happened like a year ago in November 2019, I freestyled it on the instrumental of 'Defspace beats' back in April 2020 and I just recorded it later in May (that was the first version), but I had to modify it and then the final version was ready in October 2020.
Do you have any interesting projects coming up soon?
— Of course! I wish 'Body On Me' is the first single of the Pop/R&B album I'm currently working on, and I hope will be released through Aorta South too.
It represents two different Kerith. There's that first side which is really emotional and you can feel it through the lyrics, the instrumental,... and the second side with more catchy and moving songs which feel like "I cared but I don't anymore".
What do you set for yourself in 2021?
— the Grammys haha!