K-Mack: I never drink while playing DJ's set, soft-drinks only "Diet Coke & Haribo"

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, K-Mack!

K-Mack is a Tech House DJ and producer hailing from the United Kingdom. Throughout his musical journey, K-Mack has held down a frequency of creditable residencies with both events and radio stations.

We spoke with the talent to find out more about his latest remix and other projects, enjoy!
— Hi Kris! How is everything going? Thanks for answering these
questions! So, let's see how it all started. Why did you decided to pursue a career in music and why did you want to work as a DJ?
— I've always been into music, my first start was 15 years old playing jungle records on a pirate radio station, the buzz from playing music has always been there.

After many years DJing a friend came over to my place before a gig and had Ableton and a music project he was working on. I started to play around with the track and picked everything up very fast, next thing we finished the track and had it signed to label. My journey had started and I've never looked back.
— What kind of things are inspiring your stuff at the moment?
— I'm a big fan of classic dance, 80 & garage music for those samples for my music. I've always tried to keep my sound original as I don't want it to sound like every other track a DJ's plays in a set.
Your new remix for Mr. Sunny's "B.I.M.B." will be out soon via RIM and it's also the 100th release on the label. Congratulations! How can you describe the track?
— I went for a more deep vibe with hot hats & drums. Its a groove you can play late on into the night, I hope you all like it.
— Do you have any other releases scheduled in the upcoming future?
— This year I have some incredible music out on Brobot, Purveyor Underground, Nastyfunk, 303 Lovers, Hotfuss, Unlearned, Aliens On Mushrooms, Ride, Material with many upcoming collaborations which I'm very excited to announce!
— How does your tour schedule look like?
— I've just moved away from the Capital London so I'm sorting out my new studio, I have a few residents events gigs with Dysfunction, Rave Culture & Illuminati Events, more booking will follow later on this year once I'm set up.
— To finish off, is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
— Big thanks to all the support and thanks to everyone who has bought my music and played my music out on the dance floors. If you are a fan please reach out because with out support producers music would never leave the bedroom if it wasn't for DJ's & Ravers & Record Labels!