Juanito: something clicked! I had in mind what I wanted to do!

Jonathan Aguilar, known under the moniker of Juanito is a talented DJ and Producer born in France and now based in Barcelona. We spoke to Juanito about his origins, life in Barcelona and fresh release "Rock The House" on RIM. Check below what the tech house gem has to offer!
Hello Jonathan! How are you doing?
— Hey! Thank you for the interview! I'm good. I always try to stay positive even if we are in these hard times with the COVID-19 crisis!
Tell us more about the concept of "Juanito"? What is a story behind the name and project? How did you become involved with tech house music?
— It's a project I started in 2011 when I found my way and my style in the electronic music. Something clicked! I had in mind what I wanted to do!

About the name, it came really quickly, without reflecting a lot!
All my friends used to call me «John» which translates into spanish as "Juan" and my father's name is Juan, so I'm the Lil' John: Juanito! haha

With regards to Tech House, I became Involved naturally, step by step. First, when I discovered Ibiza in 2011 but also being a resident in a small club in Grenoble called 'Status' I learnt a lot!
— You are originally from France, but you live in Spain. Why did you move to Barcelona? What are the main differences between the scenes you could spot?
— Exactly, from Grenoble to be precise and it's been 3 years, here in Barcelona. Time flies so fast, I love this city!

There were several reasons, personal and professional. With my girlfriend, we wanted to discover something else, and preferably abroad.

There was very little hesitation, and our choice quickly turned to Barcelona.
It had everything we wanted there, and for the music I make, it was just the perfect city!

It's a big change indeed: Barcelona is one of the coolest cities in Europe for Electronic Music. People are open minded and always ready to party. Also, a lot of Artists have residencies here, there are lots of events weekly and my kind of music is very represented.

I believe it's important to live in a city which is attractive for your career.
3 favorite venues to play in Barcelona?
— Humm, I would say: Elrow, Input, Pacha and during the summer Brunch-in The Park!
We want to congratulate you with your new release "Rock the House" on RIM. What was the creative process of the track?
— Thank you for your kind words! About 'Rock The House' I wanted to make something different and surprising than I'm used to.

It's a 131BPM track, with more electronic synths (like the main break) while maintaining that groovy touch with my 909 hi-hats and snares.

Then I found some cool spoken words!
You haven't been released on RIM before. What can you tell about the label?
— I had an eye on it for months as all the releases are quality and always highlighted by Beatport.

Also I love the way they promote the releases on streaming platforms and social medias!
So when they approached me asking for a release, it was a yes without any hesitation.
We are entering the end of the year. What's in the store for Juanito in the last chapter of 2020?
— Wish I had gigs but I'm aware until 2021 it will be complicated! We gonna stay focused on producing music and continue to do my Juanit'home sessions every fortnight!

Also, we have some nice releases planned!
Stay tuned!