Jove: mastermind from Melbourne with an aim to spice up your listening experiences

We are always happy to talk to artists from all over the world. Today we present you an Australian DJ and Producer - Jove. Starting out as a producer of Pop music, Jove is a ripe talent coming out of Melbourne at the young age of 19. Recently making a shift into a deeper dance project. Radio Intense asked Jove about his first steps in the industry, Australian experience and his new EP on Area Verde. Read his answers below.
Hello Jove. Thanks for joining us today. Tell us about yourself and your path in electronic music industry.
— Hey!
I started producing music as a hobby in 2015 when I found out one of my friends from SLUMBERJACK on SoundCloud. I got into conversation over email on how to start out and what the basics where to get me going, however as I continued to learn, I continued to fall in love with the idea of making a career out of producing and DJing.

I first started making happy EDM and pop music as that was my interest at the time, however after being opened up to the Melbourne clubbing scene, I knew that the direction I wanted to take would be down the lines of techno.

Continuing down the line of techno, I have always been a happy person who wants to make feel good music. I hope to further make this impact with my music whilst also exploring more sounds and creative ideas.
Who were your early influences?
— My earliest influence would have to be the guys from SLUMBERJACK. Before finding them, I hadn't heard anything like their music or production, and it made me really intrigued into what more was out there. Whilst making Future house music and EDM, I gained a lot of influence from those such as mesto, mike Williams, and Dastic, who were making waves with this new bouncy sound. With that influence my track 'Voices' received a Track of The Week on Spinnin' Records!
It is spring in Australia, right? How has your winter schedule looked like considering Covid-19? Have you been productive during this time?
— It's been tough to stay motivated in the past few months with everything that is going on. However, I was pleased with my winter schedule despite not being able to gig. I released 5 tracks all together formulating a great foundation for my new sound, all which I believe reflect the weather in Melbourne at wintertime. I tend to produce tracks based on how I feel and how people could listen there in the moment, hence coming into spring I aim to release some more summery warm tracks.

Continuing releasing music is the top of my priorities at this stage, until live venues come back anyways… It's hard producing a track and releasing it before you can get a live audience reaction or see what may need improving, which is why I am excited to test my music again in live venues.

We always want to know more about the night scene from different countries. What is special about the Australian nightlife?
— Melbourne is a very trendy city, and there is a diverse nightlife scene, spanning many different cultural and musical varieties. I love the specialty of being able to attend a nightclub which feels exclusive and almost unknown, even if it may not be the case. There are many hidden bars and clubs which during the day you wouldn't notice exist, yet at night they come alive flooding with people out the door. Well, before Covid-19 anyway...
Your EP "Acid Facial" on Area Verde is out today exclusively on Beatport. How do you feel about this release?
— I'm super stoked about the release of this EP! Area Verde approached me earlier in the year following my Metanoia EP, and their work promoting and organizing the release has been unreal. I've had these tracks for a while, sharing them to friends for feedback and reaction, and getting them into the public ear is super exciting.
Which track do you like more, Acid Facial" or "Hinterland"? And Why?
— I produced Hinterland first after listening to a track from Made in Paris called 'Pursuit'. The track follows a lot of organic elements which I wanted to include making it seem almost natural and flowing. Acid Facial is quite the opposite, however. I wanted to make a driving dance track with lots of energy, whilst still sounding clean and reserved. Whilst I love listening to the addictive baseline of Acid Facial, Hinterland took a lot of time to produce and the outcome had me amazed, hence would have to be my favourite of the bunch.
Which goals do you still have for the rest of 2020?
— I have a new track releasing on Solee's 'Parquet Records' in October, which will be followed by a merch drop for the track. I also have a few new tracks in the works which I plan to release through the Australian summer.