Jesse Jonez: I try to write tracks from the perspective of a DJ

We are happy to welcome our next guest, Jesse Jonez!

Jesse Jonez, a New York native, delivers crafty productions, addictive basslines, and catchy vocal work that bring big energy to the stage. With releases on Farris Wheel, Low Ceiling, and Country Club Disco, Jonez has gained support from major DJ's such as SIDEPIECE, James Hype, Kream, Offaiah and more. He's also landed on some of the largest dance music playlists including Spotify's Operator and Fresh Finds. Jonez's career is, without a doubt, heading in a direction that will make some noise.

We caught up with Jesse to hear more about his upcoming release "Mind Control" on RIM and other project. Find out more below!
Hello Jesse! Great to have you with us for the first time! How are you today?
— Hey there! I'm doing great and am very excited about the upcoming release! I've been grinding away in the studio, working on loads of fresh tunes and I can't wait to share the results with everyone over the next few months!
For any readers that are unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself individually and artistically?
— Of course! Jesse Jonez is a project that's all about pushing the music that I truly, deeply believe in. I'm a huge fan of all sorts of dance music, so I like to draw inspiration from a variety of genres to be able to make those special moments. When it comes to my sound, I lean heavily into melodic tech house. My tracks usually feature a strong top line or vocal that really brings everything together. I also host a monthly mix series called Jonezing Around - it's where showcase my favorite tracks and invite guests on to spotlight my peers. I think it's the perfect way to give you all a taste of what I'm feeling, while also introducing you to some of my super talented friends.
Where are you from & can you tell us more about what the music scene is like there?
— I'm currently living in New York City but originally from Long Island. I grew up about 45 minutes outside of the city so we'd always come here for events. I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to frequent some of New York's legendary venues such as Output and Pacha which really got me hooked. Fast forward to now and it feels like theres always something going on. From small venues around Manhattan & Brooklyn to major nightclubs, you can really find whatever you're looking for here.
Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new track "Mind Control" on RIM. Can you talk to us through the release and how it came about?
— Thanks so much! I think that Mind Control is really an embodiment of its name. The track blends together hypnotic vocals with a rolling bassline that is accompanied by acid and techno inspired synths. I try to write tracks from the perspective of a DJ, so when I was looking for the "a ha" moment, It came to be on the last buildup. I knew that it was something special and am thrilled with how it came out. Mind Control is a deffintiely peak time bomb and I hope you enjoy it!
Where can we see you perform over the coming months?
I actually just played a few shows here in Manhattan over the last few weeks. Most recently I was at Virgo in the LES and the Selina hotel in Chelsea. I also have a few things in the works over the next few months which aren't announced yet, so you'll have to pay attention to my socials for now!
What have the highlights been for you this year so far or perhaps your favourite places that you have visited?
— I'm always greatful for any DJ support that I receieive on my music but I think hearing SIDEPIECE drop my single "The End" live at the Brooklyn Mirage really hit home for me. Being a New York DJ, a big goal of mine is to headline at the Mirage one day and hearing my own music played there shows that I'm on the right path.
Finally, do you have any other projects coming up soon that you'd like to share with us? Thanks for chatting with us today!
— Yea there's a few things that I'm working on at the moment! In May I'm releasing a single on Groove Basement titled Waiting that I'm really excited about. I also have a few edits lined up for later in the year, plus a few other records that I can't announce just yet. Thanks again for having me!