Jay De Lys: I've always been a music freak

Radio Intense is happy to present you our next guest - Jay De Lys!

Born in a music immersed family, Argentina's Jay de Lys is now consolidating his name on the Tech-House international scene after several tours in Europe, the USA, Africa, and South America.

With his always innovating sound, he managed to sign music on some of the most relevant labels on the scene such as Repopulate Mars, Kaluki, Deeperfect, Sony, Stereo Productions, and more gaining support from artists from the Music On family like Stacey Pullen, Joey Daniel, Joseph Capriati, including the boss Marco Carola.

We asked house music gem about his experience in the industry, new release "Hold Me" on RIM and upcoming projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Jay de Lys! How is everything going?
— Hey! I'm doing a bit better now, more optimistic about the future. These past months were super hard for me and all the artists around the world but now it seems that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
— Are you in Argentina now? What can you tell about the Argentinian music scene? What is the best venue to visit in your opinion?
— Yes, I'm in Argentina, where I was born. This is a beautiful country with beautiful people. The scene here is huge, with some of the best clubs of the South-American circuit, tons of super talented, well-known artists and a lot of young talent. It's hard to choose one club because all of them have their own vibe, but Rio Electronic Music on Sundays is the party I enjoy the most. Also Crobar, The Bow and Mandarine Park are some of the biggest venues here. In normal life, you can find 2 or 3 of the biggest names playing in one weekend at these events.
— How did you become interested in electronic music? Do you have a special moment when you realized that this is what you want to do for life?
— I've always been a music freak. My dad played a big role in that as he loves all types of music and I discovered some of the greatest bands at a young age. I started listening to electronic music with Daft Punk and Justice, but I think that Trance music was the first thing that blew my mind. Is not usual to get into underground electronic music from nothing, so I think EDM and more commercial sub genres are a huge door to discover what you really like. I always knew I wanted to do something music-related, something that allows me to express myself, do what I truly love and enjoy. I couldn't see myself having a regular job and being happy at the same time.
— What is the story behind your artistic name actually? Jay de Lys?
— Well that's a question a lot of people ask me and honestly, it's just a combination of things that sounded cool for me at the time I had to choose an artistic name. First of all, I think it's kinda unique, but if i have to explain, "Jay" because my real name is Juan, and my friends started calling me "J". The "de" in the middle is because I saw it on a lot of the Netherlands players. I'm a big football fan. Finally, "Lys" it's because at that time I was (and I am) a big fan of Marco Lys, that's how I got "Jay de Lys".
— What do you like more – Djing or producing music?
— Well I started producing music when I was very young and it is the thing I enjoy the most.I was very shy at that time and I couldn't picture myself on a stage with a lot of people staring at me, but when I realized I needed the "live DJ" thing to push myself as an artist, I had to forget my fears and take my chances. It's the best thing I could have ever done, as it did not only help me as an artist, but also as a person to overcome my insecurities and shyness. Right now I can't choose, I enjoy both things and I can't live without any of them.
— Your new release "Hold Me" is coming soon on RIM. What can you tell about the release?
— First of all, thanks for trusting in my music. RIM had some great releases this year and I'm so happy to be on board. "Hold Me" is a super special track for me, as I'm combining my main tribal, "Music On'' styled beats with some darker synths and vocals ending up with a very cool and unique piece. Can't wait for the release date!
— What other projects are you currently working on?
— Music-wise, this year was amazing for me. I had my single "Something" out on my first major label, Sony/Ultra and it went great. Later I ticked another box from my dream label list with "Intentions" on Moon Harbour and the past month "W2DO" came out on Nozzo, played by Nic Fanciulli, WAFF and Stefano Noferini just to name a few, and all of them entered to the Beatport Top 100. After my release on RIM I have my debut track on SOLA by Solardo and a big single signed on Spinnin' Deep. On the DJ side, I'm patiently waiting to get back to normal life. I had a lot of local and international gigs to reschedule, including USA and Europe tours. Will be huge!