Jam Rumi: a world without music is nothing but a colorless world

Today we are happy to welcome Jam Rumi on Radio Intense.

Jam Rumi is a Melodic & Progressive Techno producer with a truly unique style inspired by the oriental music. He is currently living in Ukraine and is a resident of the famous Ukrainian club called Heaven located right in the center of the capital city, Kyiv.

We talked to the talent about the beginning of his career and artistic perspective, new release on Area Verde and SVET project. Do not wait and check it out right now below!
— Hi, Jam Rumi! How are you today? Thanks for answering these questions.
— Hi, I'm good and very happy to interview with your website.
— As our first question, I'm curious to know whether Jam Rumi is your actual name or just the artistic name?
— Everyone knows me as Jam Rumi,, but my real name is Sadegh Jamshidian.
— Let's see how it has all started. How did you start producing electronic music?
— It all started with a gift from my brother. It was an Acoustic Guitar at the age of 12. Since then it has become a part of my life.

Even sometimes I had sneaked out of my school so I could practice more guitar. Music was the most attractive thing to me.

I watched too many videos. From Famous International Guitarists and bands. And that leads me to the electric guitar. I bought my first fender electric guitar at the age of 15 and I made my room my personal music studio. I spend most of my time there and try to make electronic music with the available instruments and software's.

I started to get to know local artists and we made songs together as a teenager, and that was our most fascinating moment.

At that point, I knew then that I wanted to pursue music as my profession. Then I started to study more about music in some Music Academies in Tehran and was attracted so much to Electronic Music. I found out that I wanted to use all music instruments in my tracks, and electronic music was the right package for me.

I started focus on making house music when I was 17.
— How can you characterize the project "Jam Rumi"?
— The Jam Rumi project was created to make a musical bridge between Oriental and Western music. Jam Rumi tries to make tracks that are a mixture of mysterious eastern music and cheerful western music. Music is the international language between all human beings and the JAM RUMI project attempts to produce another variant in this common language. Literally, I produce melodic and progressive Techno but overall I'm not committed fully to any specific style. I like not to limit my sense and my music to one or two specific genres. I believe this could be a censorship for musician.
— Where do you take your inspiration for the tracks?
— I believe that music is produced directly from the soul of an artist.

As an artist in the music field, I listen to my feelings and those inspired me so much.

As I was raised in an Oriental environment, Eastern Elements affected my music as well. Moreover, currently I live in a European country with a different culture. I faced with a new language and a new culture and embraced it. The combination of my background with my present experiences inspired me totally. My music is a western style with a taste of Oriental elements.
— Your new EP "Dominant" has been recently released on Area Verde. What is the story behind the tracks?
— Yes, right. Dominant has been released on Area Verde. Area Verde is one of the best label in progressive house genre in the world and It is my pleasure to cooperate with Area Verde.

In the EP "Dominant" there are 2 tracks. First one is "Dominant" and the second one is "United feelings".

About the track "Dominant" I can say that this track is a sole production of western music and I made it according to the taste of the listeners in a western ambiance

And the second track "United feelings" is in the melodic genre, and I used more vocals in it. It is a mellow and soft track in comparison to my previous recordings.
— You also have another release on Area Verde - "Oasis Midnight". Can you share some info about that track?
— "Oasis Midnight" was one of my tracks that was released on Area Vera in December 2020 and very fast found its way to the top 10 tracks in the progressive house genre .
For a long time Oasis Midnight was ranked on the second position on Beatpor, and many famous DJs played it all over the world.
I've received plenty of positive feedbacks from the professional producers as well as the other listeners about the track.
— I know that you are a team member of SVET, the series of electronic music parties. Do you have any forthcoming events soon?
— Yes, I'm honoured to be part of SVET and play among the best DJs. Our team members are Key M, Beat Inside, R.A.N, Cherry, Xenia and Jam Rumi.

SVET held so many popular events all around the country. We had parties in Kiev, Odesa, Atlas weekend..., but because of the COVID-19 situation, safety of the band and our fans, we followed the authorities' guidelines and postponed some of our events.

In the future, if the situation comes back to normal, we would have the MAEVKA festival on the Black Sea cost in Odesa on May 8,9 and 10. Moreover, we would resume the parties in famous Ukrainian clubs such as Heaven and Skybar.
— Any news you would like to share?
— I just want to say that the world without music is nothing but a colorless world. I cannot imagine my life even a moment without music.

At the end, I would like to thank my good friend DJ Key M and Pedro Pur and all my family members who support me so much.