Iva Dive, Shitake: we are very happy with the sound that we reached

Today we are pleased to welcome two more artists to Radio Intense, Shitake and Iva Dive!

We talked to the electronic music maestros about their upcoming release "Al Fin Amanecio" on RIM and other projects! Read more below!
Hello guys! Thanks for talking to us about your new release "Al Fin
Amanecio" on RIM! Both of you, can you tell us your musical background for those that are not familiar? How did you produce the sound you are today?
Iva Dive: My firsts steps as a producer , was with logic pro. With this Daw I released on labels like deeperfect, roush nervous.
But with the years I stepped into ableton. With that one I released on labels as Rim , Material series Wyld card and more, influenced by the UK sound.
Shitake: Since the beginnings of Happy Techno I has always been influenced by that sound. And over the years I was able to be more comfortable with it. Perfecting the style day by day and finding myself more comfortable.
— Congrats on your upcoming release! What can you tell about it? What was the inspiration behind the release?
The trends are working well and that's why we made 'Al Fin Amanecio' latin vocal with hard percussions and classic synth stop.
Awochu it's a totally the UK sound, so much liked by Iva, and he is really influenced by it. Classic vicals and a great groove mixed with UK basslines that mades of Awochu a very british sound.
Shitake, how are the things at Happy Techno where you are A&R? Any highlights for 2023?
— The truth is that the label is currently very strong. Being one of the most important in the world in his style right now. We have done a good job and we have a good tight-knit team. Formed thanks to Boss Lexlay. For this 2023 there are very good productions, both by young promises, and by djs already established in the world of Tech.
Iva, what have been some of your event and gig highlights this year?
— Mainly my well-know residency in Tenerife Greenworld fest, in where I shared line up with big headliners in the worldwide scene like Paul Kalkbrennes , Marco Carola and Jamie ones.
It's a festival that have 3 editions on summer and we party on a golf field.
— What kind of things are aspiring you at the moment? What are you currently focusing on as an artist?
Iva Dive: On two things. The first one, is grow up as an international artist with the help of my agency 'twentysix agency' and the worldwide tour that greenworld is preparing. And as a producer sign on labels that I wish for and indentify with like Repopulate , La Pera or Toolroom.
Shitake: We always aspire to improve and be better artists every day. It is something that I always keep in mind. Focused on the official performances of Happy Techno that this year will give a lot to talk about, with new locations and new guest artists.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself? Do you have any interesting hobbies?
Iva Dive: When I Usually have important gigs, I dye my hair in a weird colour hahaha. And as a hobby I love to play video games (when I have time) , and dubbing shows with my voice jajaja I'm doing a degree on that stuff at the moment.
Shitake: I love having fun in the cabin. It's like I'm dancing with the others. Always messing around and having a good time. It's my show! I love gastronomy. Whenever I can, I spend it eating well and discovering new experiences for my plate.
— Thank you so much for chatting with us today and congrats on your release.
To finish off, is there anything else upcoming from you two that you'd like to share with us?
— We're working on another EP that will be revealed soon, we are very happy with the sound that we reached. We hope to sign this one on a great label.