ItaloBros: Every city, club, dancefloor, leaves something magical and special inside of us

Today we are happy to welcome ItaloBros!

Born and raised in a small village in the south of Italy, Scalea (Calabria), ItaloBros are two DJs, producers, remixers in an ongoing musical evolution. Eclectic, creative, inquiring, they own a unique style which spreads adrenalin and passion and at the same time makes people dream.

We talked to the duo about their musical journey and new remix for Alevtina - Sunday, coming this week on RIM!
Hello guys! How are you? Where are you right now?
— Hi, nice to meet you, all well thanks, at this time we are at home in Scalea, a small seaside town in Calabria in southern Italy.
Please, tell us more about your artistic journey. What is the story behind "ItaloBros"?
— ItaloBros, born in 1989, before being DJs and music producers, we are two close friends, almost like brothers.

Close almost like brothers, we grew up together practically living a few meters away from each other. Sharing childhood, schools, experiences and passions, all this mix has allowed the birth of this Duo.
You are from Italy. How can you describe the night life scene in the country?
— Italy is one of the European countries that has greatly influenced on the club culture worldwide, the history of music and clubs have very important roots here. Clubs such as Cocoricò, Amnesia, Villa delle Rose

The country hosted DJs from all over the world, managing to convey all kinds of trends creating real movements not only musical but also fashionable.
Your remix for Alevtina – "Sunday" coming in October on RIM Label. What can you tell about the remix?
— It is one of our favorite productions, it reflects very much our style. The original track is really beautiful, this has made our work even more efficient. We hope to get great feedback from the audience especially because in this historical period they really need great music to put aside all that Covid - 19 brought with it! We are hopeful and happy!
What are you currently focusing on in your productions?
— We are very attentive to the fashion of the moment, mixing everything that comes from the heart, like every production we do, whether it's an original or a remix. We like to play with pads or bass of various kinds, creating grooves always very fresh and clean, so as to bring the listener in a way of serenity and joy.
Can you tell us your 3 favorite destinations from your gigs?
— Thanks to this work we were able to fulfill one of our biggest dreams, to travel the world. Every city, club, dancefloor, leaves something magical and special inside of us. There are no favorite destinations, but certainly there are favorite clubbers, are those who want to have fun dancing until the last disc played. Whether it's Rome, Madrid or Buenos Aires, it's the people who create the warmth of a location. I can assure you that wherever we have gone we have always found a great welcome.
And to finish up, are there any news you would like to share? Thank you for your time.
— Actually, there are new projects, which we will share as soon as we have the official announcement. For the moment I wish everyone to spend a lot of time with the people you love and that make you feel good, listen to music that is always good for the heart and mind and to get out soon from this moment that has hit the whole planet!!

With great affection,